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Today we meet Angela Colantuono, new President and Managing Director for SAP Australia and New Zealand. She hails from Melbourne, Australia, and has worked with SAP for more than six years.

So, let’s meet Angela.

What is SAP’s best-kept secret?

Angela with Aaron and Paul

It’s been said before, but it’s true:  our people are our best kept secret. I’ve been in the technology industry for 25 years and I’ve experienced a lot of different cultures. I never thought I would be here for six years when I joined SAP, but I love it.

I think of people like Aaron Green, Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer at SAP SuccessFactors, who I’ve seen drop everything to help team members when they need it most. I think of Damien Bueno, President and Managing Director of SAP Australia and New Zealand,  who truly lives among his team, always working on market-making business, and doing it all with respect and empathy. And I think of Paul Marriott, President of SAP Asia Pacific and Japan, who gives me amazing energy, works so hard to lead by example in the field, and has a real focus on mental health and diversity in leadership. And I have grads I worked with in the beginning at SAP who are now massive superstars and I absolutely adore them.

It’s a unique combination of work, fun, and respect.

If SAP was a song, what would it be? 

David Bowie – Changes [Official Lyric Video]

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David Bowie - Changes [Official Lyric Video]

Changes by David Bowie! We’re really changing all the time and every year brings something new. We have become an incredibly resilient business and its important as we continue to transform our business.

What do you consider the most under-rated virtue in business?

Empathy. The tech world has had a reputation for many years of being a cut-throat place, so it’s critical to take a step back and think about the people around you.

I love understanding the people around me, what makes them tick, and the things that they want to do in their lives.  I get a lot of energy from our young talent and nurturing their progress. It’s so important to listen to their frustrations,  and coach them to dream big and think about the things they want to learn.

When and where were you happiest?

This is an easy one. It was 26 years ago, when I had my twin girls, Rosalie and Chiara. They are my world.

They have always been incredibly independent, from an early age. As a working mum who travelled a lot, they have occasionally joined me in my travels. Now they’ve both moved out and forged their own careers in law and commercial property and seeing their success is what makes me most happy. They live close to the Melbourne Cricket Ground – perfect for big Richmond Tigers fans.

Rosalie and Chiara Colantuono

Beyond that, it would be right now – in Jordan at SAP’s Executive Social Sabbatical, a program that pairs SAP leaders with social organisations focused on digital literacy, workforce development, and entrepreneurship to help them run at their best. My experience led me to work with the Crown Prince Foundation to engage young women aspiring to work in a tough job market. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I feel incredibly blessed to be able to give back to communities as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Angela at the SAP Executive Social Sabbatical in Jordan

Where would you most like to live?

I live in Melbourne, so its’ a tough call – even if it we lost the crown of most liveable city!

My family background is Italian, so I’d probably say somewhere like Ravello or somewhere in Southern Italy. Living simply, buying produce from a local market, and putting on a beautiful meal for family. Living la dolce vita.

And I would love to live a year in the United States, New York or maybe San Francisco, to experience the food, the culture, and a different world. We have a big family – I have 50 first cousins around the world – so I’m sure we’d be able to settle quickly anywhere!

Angela was recently appointed President and Managing Director of SAP Australia and New Zealand, which you can read more about here.
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