Toll Group bolsters its cyber resilience with SAP’s sovereign cloud capabilities


Relocating can be a complex and emotive process, both for individuals and their families. From co-ordinating logistics to managing paperwork and ensuring a smooth transition, there can be many challenges.

A mobile life is an integral part of service for Australian Defence Force personnel. Military members and their families are routinely posted around the country and overseas. To ensure a smooth and efficient transition for thousands of defence personnel each year, the Australian Defence Force turns to global logistics provider, Toll Group.

Toll Group is one of the top 20 prime contractors to the Australian Defence Force and, in addition to relocation services, Toll’s Government and Defence business also provides expertise and support in the areas of Contingency and Sustainment across ports and remote base camps, Healthcare Logistics via the transportation of critical pharmaceutical supplies and vaccines, as well as performing thousands of rescues and retrievals missions each year using one of the largest aeromedical fleets in Australia.

Perry Singh, President of Government and Defence, Toll Group says, “Toll’s Government and Defence Business has been supporting critical government and defence industries in Australia for more than 130 years.”

“As a strategic partner for government and defence industries, we provide a broad range of services across logistics, contingency, and sustainment, helping to transport critical supplies and equipment for a range of our government clients.”

The need to shore up cyber resilience

Toll Group has always been a cyber-centric organisation and, as a key partner to Australia’s government and defence industries, it wanted to ensure the company’s technology systems meet the same regulatory needs as its largest clients.

Increasingly, that means taking steps to ensure that its operations are secure against an increasingly challenging and complex cyber threat landscape.

Singh says, “We asked ourselves the question, ‘what’s going to make it easier for our government and defence customers to do business with us?'”

“We knew that cybersecurity was critically important for our largest government clients and, to provide them with the confidence to do business with us, we needed to operate in a secure, hardened environment. As we embarked on this program, we wanted to do so in an accelerated manner.”

In partnership with IBM Consulting, Toll Group embarked on a modernisation and fortification strategy that would enable the business to remain nimble and secure, underpinned by SAP.

Singh says, “As a very cyber-centric organisation, we wanted to modernise and fortify our network and SAP’s sovereign cloud capabilities were a clear choice for us.

“An extension of Toll Group’s existing SAP S/4HANA environment, its strong cybersecurity capabilities also provide us and our clients with the assurances we need to navigate an increasingly challenging cyber threat landscape. Working with IBM and SAP together, we managed to deliver this program at speed, in just seven months.”

By leveraging SAP’s sovereign cloud capabilities, Toll is now able to reap the benefits of advanced cloud applications in a secure hardened environment.

“As companies embrace a hybrid cloud approach, they’re also seeking partners with the expertise to help them meet the data and security access required in their local jurisdictions,” said Amanda Williamson, IBM Australia’s Business Transformation Partner and SAP Service Area Lead.

“Our long-standing partnership with SAP has helped many companies, including those in highly-regulated industries like Toll Group, securely modernise their cloud environments. IBM Consulting looks forward to bringing our expertise to help more clients benefit from SAP’s sovereign cloud capabilities in Australia, and respond to today’s challenges where regulations are changing rapidly and cyberthreats are evolving at unprecedented levels.”

About SAP’s sovereign cloud capabilities

SAP’s sovereign cloud capabilities bring together extensive global public sector and highly regulated sector experience, including running a government cloud in the United States for more than 15 years, coupled with decades of partnership across Australian government agencies and highly regulated industries.

To learn more about SAP sovereign cloud capabilities, visit: https://www.sap.com/australia/sovereign-cloud


This article first appeared on SAP News Centre Australia & New Zealand.