The Extraordinary Transformation Of Cirque du Soleil

Most companies would be upset if you said their transformation was a circus. But most companies aren’t Cirque du Soleil.

Cirque du Soleil is the world’s biggest theatrical producer. For almost four decades, it has been entertaining and inspiring audiences the world over. There are as many as 47 different shows in markets around the globe.

And its impact cannot be underestimated. More than 400 million people have seen shows on six continents and 86 countries. The company now employs more than 4,000 employees, including 1,200 artists from 80 different nations.

Yet it is also a company emerging from a challenging period – and transforming to meet the challenges of the future.

We heard from Nickole Tara, Chief Growth Officer at Cirque du Soleil, at our recent SAP Now event in Sydney, discussing what the future of the world’s favourite circus holds.

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