Royal Voluntary Service Partners With SAP Concur Solutions to Support NHS Volunteer Responders During Covid-19 Crisis


Royal Voluntary Service is currently contributing to the health crisis relief effort by mobilising 600,000 volunteers to support those in need.

Volunteers have been drafted to ease the burden on the National Health Service by providing vital non-medical care services to those self-isolating due to Covid-19 across the UK. To better enable the thousands of NHS Volunteer Responders, Royal Voluntary Service  has partnered with SAP Concur solutions to automate expense claims, enabling volunteers to be reimbursed quickly and efficiently during this time.

The mission: an army of expenses

For over 80 years, Royal Voluntary Service has been harnessing the power of volunteers to protect and support society in times of great social need.

Key responsibilities for the 600,000 NHS Volunteer Responders include driving people to and from hospital, delivering groceries and medication, check in and chat phone calls, and supporting the NHS to transport equipment and supplies. The decision to collaborate with SAP follows the enormous demand for expense claim management relating to these tasks.

The partnership will streamline the expense process for volunteers whose goal is to help those most heavily impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak. Their expenses relate to the non-medical tasks they conduct which often rely on the use of personal funds. The subsequent costs can be reimbursed quickly and easily through the NHS Volunteer Responders Expenses System which is supported by SAP Concur. This immediately processes expense claims and enables responders to continue their good work. The volunteers can also donate the expenses back to Royal Voluntary Service if they want to. 

Rebecca Kennelly, Director of Volunteering for Royal Voluntary Service said: “We want to make it as easy possible for volunteers to claim expenses and the partnership with SAP Concur Solution allows us to do this. There are so many kind hearted volunteers gifting their time to support others in their local community and we are delighted we are able to offer the certainty of fast, accurate reimbursement for anyone taking on extra responsibility during this time.”

Mission critical and timely service delivery

Every second counts at the moment, so acting quickly and collaboratively is key. Royal Voluntary Service has chosen SAP Concur solutions in view of the upfront resource and scalability available. The charity will be rolling out the expense system shortly to allow volunteers to claim back their expenses. The service delivery timeline has been implemented in record speed in response to the emergency, proving the value of technology to alleviate some of the pressures during this confusing, complicated and testing time.