SAP Returns To London Design Festival 2020 With The Circular Design Project In Partnership With The Ellen MacArthur Foundation


Following the launch of SAP’s 2030 Clean Ocean Vision by Christian Klein in Davos, we are excited to kick off the Circular Design Project in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation at the London Design Festival 2020, from 14 to 18 September.

Together we are curating and promoting a selection of stories and supporting resources to empower and equip the design and creative community to seize the opportunity of the circular economy as a framework for positive global impact.

Over the course of the Festival this series of moments will act as the spark that begins to shift designers’ attitudes and practices. The series of stories and resources will have an aim to explore and explain what circular design is, share insights on how technology can help designers make informed decisions and collectively identify the steps we can take to bring more circular design solutions to life.

Our journey to Building Back Better is routed in the principles of a Circular Economy. At the heart of this is great design. In terms of how products are made, businesses are structured and ecosystems are orchestrated. Achieving a low-carbon, zero waste, inclusive economy will require the engagement of designers from every sector and every discipline to lead and accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

The Circular Design Project therefore aims to engage 80 million designers around the world in the principles and best practices of designing for a circular economy. For the right change to happen, radical new approaches are needed and the insights and connectivity that SAP enables across the worlds business ecosystem will become increasingly critical in delivering the transition.

At SAP, we have been helping our customers manage resources productively for more than 40 years. If the creative power of design and data intelligence on the impact of material throughout their lifecycle can be integrated, there is a real opportunity to create a more sustainable future.

The schedule of talks, panel discussions and seminars include a diverse range of contributors all bound by their passion for a circular design economy. LDF’s guest speakers will range from independent designers at the start of their careers, individuals from some of the world’s largest brands and the agencies that guide today’s standards and investment when it comes to design innovation.

The talks are free to attend so tune in as experts demonstrate that a sustainable future starts with design. You can register for free tickets here.

Following the Festival, the stories will continue to multiply, culminating at London Design Festival 2021 with an installation and exhibition, before having the opportunity to be presented at COP26 at Glasgow in November 2021.