SAP with Keytree and Sports & Wellbeing Analytics were awarded the Best Technology for Injury Prevention or Rehabilitation at the 2020 Sports Technology Awards with the PROTECHT Intelligent Mouthguard.

The innovative PROTECHT combines IOT-enabled gumshields with SAP HANA powered data analytics and the latest research to understand the size, frequency and types of impact experienced by athletes during training and games. This data allows coaches to make informed training choices, so players can avoid head injury while at the same time maximising performance.

The judges said: “Sport needs more technology to help prevent head injuries and this product is a massive step in the right direction. As a product it is both innovative and strong, offering impact sports the potential to recognise and understand concussion better. It is so important to reduce the threat of injury and technology like this increases our chances exponentially.”

Chris Turner, CEO of Sports & Wellbeing Analytics said: “We are delighted to have won this STA Award and with it, recognition for all of the hard work from the team and the partners we work with. It is especially pleasing with the quality of applicants who were also shortlisted for the award. Thanks, in particular to Keytree and SAP who have helped us in the development of the PROTECHT product as we strive to make contact sport safer.”

To find out more about how PROTECHT works, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJbrST8RAGM&feature=youtu.be