Investment in learning technologies is on the rise. A recent survey by Fosway discovered that in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 94% of companies have changed their learning & development (L&D) strategy to favour digital platforms and learning methods with video, curated, mobile and microlearning being the highest rated. The majority intend to continue with this strategy indefinitely.

TalenTeam has passed the rigorous accreditation process to become the very first accredited partner for SAP Litmos in the UK. To date, 24 million people are using this digital learning platform to become more productive. The SAP Litmos learning solution is used in 150 countries and supports 35 languages and is aimed specifically for organisations in the midmarket or for departmental use in larger enterprises.

With this accreditation, TalenTeam will be able to bring a number of benefits to its customers:

  • Easily measure and influence performance:
    Track course completions, test averages, content popularity and more with built-in management automation, reporting and analytics.
  • Trusted compliance training:
    With notable security certifications, data encryption, high availability deployments, strict authentication, and application security.
  • Increase engagement with built-in tools:
    Including gamification (leaderboards, badges, points), interactive hotspots, achievement social sharing and discussion forums.

Donald Ross, Head of Learning & Engagement Solutions for SAP SuccessFactors EMEA North, said: “The World Economic Forum estimates that more than half (54%) of all employees will require significant reskilling by 2022, which indicates that investment in learning management solutions (LMS) will continue to increase. I fully expect SAP Litmos to be at the forefront of this growth in the UK. This world-class LMS empowers organisations to deliver critical knowledge to employees, and their wider ecosystem of customers and partners, at any time, on any device.

“What’s more, L&D professionals can deploy SAP Litmos in days, not months. It’s a recipe for success, especially in the hands of TalenTeam – one of the UK’s most experienced and dedicated implementation partners for learning technologies.”

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We are co-hosting with TalenTeam the SAP SuccessFactors Learning Symposium on 12th & 13th May 2021. Join us to discover the latest insights in learning, SAP innovations and roadmaps, hear from industry experts and SAP customers.