Vilnius. 27th October – SAP SE, the world’s leading business software vendor, today announced that Girteka Logistics has chosen the SAP Business Technology Platform. It will allow Europe’s largest full truck load (FTL) company to take another important step into the era of sustainable and digital logistics and to utilize business data more efficiently.

More than a year ago, Girteka Logistics started implementing an ambitious business development vision and aims to fully digitize its logistics business and all operations by 2025 using the SAP Business Technology Platform.

“We are on the path of digital transformation, and Girteka Logistics has chosen SAP as a partner for this journey. We aim to become a data-driven logistics company, and we believe that SAP offers the best tools to help us achieve this,” says Vytenis Šuklys, Chief Financial Officer at Girteka Logistics.

By choosing the SAP Business Technology Platform that includes SAP Data Analytics Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Data Intelligence, Girteka Logistics will be able to intelligently manage and analyze data in real time throughout the business chain, including transportation fleet, warehouse management, logistics operations and customer service.

“Our goal is to provide open data to professionals in different fields, both technology and business process managers. It encourages even greater team collaboration across the organization. Machine-learning data and analytics solutions developed by SAP help companies better understand the context of their entire business and instantly analyze and visualize data. All this helps to reduce manual workload, reduce probability of mistakes, make faster and justified decisions, save time and, of course, money,” says Kęstutis Kasakaitis, Sales Manager of SAP Lithuania.

“SAP solutions based on artificial intelligence, machine learning technologies, focus on user interface, self-service and performance can help Girteka Logistics become a next-generation logistics company and solve our major data usage challenges we face today. Currently we are not yet able to support all the new business requirements due to the long reporting delivery process, therefore, using SAP self-service will make this process significantly shorter and allow us to make business decisions faster. It is also important that the new business intelligence platform will help us address road transport and environmental challenges. By optimizing business processes and planning routes more efficiently, we will be able to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the business chain,” notes Vytenis Šuklys.

The transport company, which delivers more than 820,000 full truck loads annually, estimates having more than 25 data analytics sources. By combining them into homogenous SAP business data analytics environment, over 500 employees from various departments using the platform will have access to reliable data from a single source of truth. These SAP tools will benefit all 20,000 employees working at Girteka Logistics group.

In addition to regular data, the company collects truck sensor data, and plans to use other external data, the real-time analysis of which can provide valuable insights for the company’s specialists, help optimize and plan various business processes.

According to Vytenis Šuklys, the company’s main goal is to reduce the volume of manual work by at least 20%, increase the efficiency of reporting delivery by 40%, speed up decision-making processes and accelerate the achievement of the set strategic sustainability goals.

“We were looking for a data analytics platform that would give us opportunity for improvement  many years forward. It is essential that updates to the chosen solution are in the manufacturer’s strategic roadmap. Another important criterion is business self-service opportunities. In our fast-changing business, we want data analysis reports to be available to employees without IT involvement, which makes SAP solutions stand out. SAP is our partner in helping to implement most of the company’s business digitalization processes and joining a homogeneous SAP enterprise management platform will ensure their smooth continuity,” says Vytenis Šuklys.

Girteka Logistics is currently undergoing a digital transformation of the entire logistics business.

The company is installing SAP Transport Management Module, SAP ERP and SAP employee experience management program. These solutions will cover all Girteka Logistics activities in Europe and CIS countries.