Change the game and boost your enablement experience with new outcome-based guidance and next-generation SAP PartnerEdge learning journeys.

Partners spoke and SAP listened. With Next-Generation Partnering becoming reality, SAP wants to enable partners to deliver a world-class experience to customers through the best-ever enablement experience. Based on valued feedback, the company is taking steps to improve the partner experience.

Steps to a Next-Generation Enablement Experience

On the transformation path to a next-generation partner enablement experience, we want it to be the best in the industry, and to help partners deliver a world-class experience to customers. We want all enablement content to be easily found and always in the same place. Therefore, SAP is driving significant enhancements to the learning experience, focusing on a one-stop-shop enablement consumption within the SAP PartnerEdge site.

SAP is harmonizing enablement offerings, starting with complete and easy-to-use SAP PartnerEdge learning journeys for every solution across the entire solution portfolio and for all partner types and roles, including more applied skills enablement and coaching services. Learning journeys are interactive guides designed to easily help navigate a learning path — explore, filter, and access a curated set of learning offerings.

SAP has built outcome-based guidance for partner C-level leaders, practice leads, and decision-makers, in order to help drive guided decisions through specific outcomes, resulting in investment decisions to increase or change the partner footprint within the SAP solution portfolio.

Feedback matters to SAP, and the company is establishing a continuous listening and improvement cycle to make the enablement experience the best.

The first wave transformation toward a next-generation partner enablement experience has been accomplished. The second wave is soon to come.

Here’s what you can expect today:

  • Harmonized and complete SAP PartnerEdge learning journeys for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, the on-premise edition of SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors solutions, SAP C/4HANA, SAP Ariba software, and the Intelligent Enterprise to help ensure all relevant applied skills enablement offerings are made available. Access and leverage these learning journeys can be accessed in the SAP PartnerEdge edition of SAP Learning Hub. Alternatively, the SAP PartnerEdge learning room of choice can be selected on the SAP PartnerEdge site, and learning journeys can be accessed through the training tab or tile.
  • A new outcome-based guidance tool to provides enablement consumption across the entire SAP solution portfolio, built with the purpose of accelerating the adoption with clear, guided steps. Getting enabled is an investment; SAP wants to make investment decisions easier, linking them to business outcomes that relate to strategy. This tool is now available through the SAP PartnerEdge site.
  • An improved, continuous partner enablement experience feedback loop, with the purpose of getting closer to partners and receive input based on their experiences.

Harmonized, Updated Next-Generation Learning Journeys

Next-generation SAP PartnerEdge learning journeys are role-based and available for sales, pre-sales, delivery, development, CEE, and marketing. They are structured alike:

  • Start with an overview: Get a general understanding of the topic.
  • Become competent: Get an in-depth knowledge of the topic, as well as the respective requirements for product authorization.
  • Stay current: Find all the content you need to stay up-to-date.
  • Expand your skills: Broaden your skills and skill-up in particular areas.We have included direct access to the events calendar with an overview of available trainings, and sessions globally or in a particular region.
  • Apply your skills (news): Actively practice your skills.Within this content area, we provide you with a new functionality. You can now apply your classroom competencies and your skills, get coached by SAP with hands-on experience and ultimately apply all the knowledge gained when interacting with the customer.

Following this structure for any role, allows participants to gain the training that develops all classroom competencies needed for a particular solution. Start leveraging today and please provide feedback through the thumbs-up and thumbs-down icons at the end of each learning journey.

New Outcome-Based Guidance for Partner Decision-Makers

A new tool built to provide decision makers in an organization with enablement consumption and outcomes across the entire SAP solution portfolio. These outcomes are clustered by solution based on the various knowledge domains: marketing, sales and pre-sales, delivery, customer engagement, and development.

The tool will empower users to build the capabilities within staff that are required across all solutions and roles. It will also guide participants to keep their skills current and up-to-date. A fit and well-educated team empowers the ability to monetize an investment into the innovative and fast-evolving SAP solution portfolio more quickly and efficiently.

Decision-makers need clear, concise, and actionable guidance to find out what actions need to be taken to achieve critical goals, such as:

  • Do employees have the required skills and knowledge needed to effectively position, sell, and demonstrate solutions?
  • Do they need to improve implementation quality?
  • Do we need to develop packaged offerings with a compelling value proposition?

Actionable outcomes to such questions will be provided, leading to the relevant content and tools required to accelerate adoption of SAP solutions, such as role-based SAP PartnerEdge learning journeys, web applications, or downloads of required resources, as well as lay out the steps to quickly take appropriate investment decisions.

Start your experience on SAP PartnerEdge site here. Browse directly into outcomes for the product or domain of your choice, or access the new tool here.

Check back regularly, as SAP continuously expands the actionable outcomes to help with driving guided decisions. The following outcomes are planned for released in the coming weeks:

  • Expand your SAP S/4HANA practice to SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • Expand your SAP S/4HANA practice to the Intelligent Enterprise
  • Expand from HCM to HXM by adding Qualtrics to your SAP SuccessFactors practice
  • Drive more net-new names with qualified partner-packaged solutions
  • Improve win rates with demo excellence
  • Hire and ramp-up X new cloud for sales consultants right from university
  • Move your on-premise HCM installed base to SAP SuccessFactors

Share submissions for missing or additional outcomes through the feedback button on the homepage of the tool.

Both the new outcome-based guidance and the next-generation SAP PartnerEdge learning journeys are game changers to boost the partner enablement experience one step further — start leveraging today.