These are unprecedented times for the global economy. CFOs and finance departments are under massive pressure to provide immediate guidance based on key areas of business, such as lost revenue streams and new employee staffing models.

To support this, SAP is pleased to announce a 90-day free trial for SAP Analytics Cloud for planning and for business intelligence. With this trial SAP will provide learning content and access to experts that assist subscribers in leveraging SAP Analytics Cloud for facing uncertainties while raising opportunities.

According to a recent article by McKinsey & Company, companies need a new, realigned approach to planning and performance management. To adapt to the “new” or “next” normal from COVID-19, CFOs must plan and provide forecasts on not just one business scenario but the impact of multiple scenarios and their intersection points. Examples of these impact scenarios include cash flow and liquidity, employee utilization, exhaustion of credit lines, and cost and spend reductions while planning for future growth.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, CFOs and finance departments can leverage a powerful and fast planning solution that enables what-if scenarios on the fly, modern analytics to visualize and communicate results, and predictive planning and machine learning capabilities to provide additional insights.

All industries need strong business planning and forecasting. In healthcare, organizations analyze everything from patient capacity to supply inventory and staff scheduling. SAP Analytics Cloud offers resources management capabilities that connect costs to opportunities, providing an accurate fiscal picture and plan.

Organizations like Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas, are using SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Cloud Platform, and SAP HANA during the COVID-19 crisis to perform critical analytics and plan for sufficient patient capacity.

Heidelberg University Hospital is using SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Fiori, and SAP Analytics Cloud to support its staff in helping throughout the COVID-19 crisis by thoughtfully managing patient beds, including intensive care and ventilators for the region, as well as estimating future needs and planning accordingly.

Mercy, one of the largest Catholic health systems in the U.S., is using analytics from SAP, SAP Cloud Platform, and SAP HANA to monitor how medical devices are being used for patient care and safety.

SAP Analytics Cloud provides an opportunity for planners within the healthcare industry and beyond to make the best decisions and use of their plans. With this fully integrated analytics platform, all plans can be connected and scenarios can be easily modeled to assess the impact of decisions with the assistance of built-in machine learning and predictive capabilities.

Powerful analytics with built-in collaboration allows teams and individual planners to collectively decide on the best team-oriented framework to achieve the best possible outcomes. Features like the unique value driver tree allow businesses to run multiple simulations that retrieve the results on the fly for immediate insights.

SAP Analytics Cloud helps organizations find the footing and confidence to make immediate and reliable decisions. CFOs, finance departments, and all other planners can collectively plan across numerous situations and scenarios to validate the best outcome for long-term business success, which couldn’t be more important than in today’s challenging times.

For more information, access the SAP Analytics Cloud free trial here.

Matthias Kraemer is head of SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning at SAP.