Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many existing supply chains have been disrupted for a variety of reasons, including business closures and limited production capabilities. SAP Ariba Start Sourcing can help businesses find new suppliers, reignite their procurement and supply chains, and return to the new normal.

SAP Ariba Start Sourcing is a free, intuitive, Web-based RFx management tool that empowers users to quickly create, execute, and manage sourcing events right from their desktops on Ariba Network, the world’s largest commerce network that connects more than 4 million buyers and sellers globally. Customers can sign up for free access to SAP Ariba Start Sourcing and benefit from a special offer of up to five user licenses for this solution, including posting up to 90 sourcing events over 90 days, if they order SAP Ariba Start Sourcing by July 31, 2020. However, to fully benefit from this offer, it is important that customers know how to use all the available features.

To provide support and help customers and partners make the most of the solution, a new, free openSAP course, SAP Ariba Start Sourcing – Starter Kit, is now available. The course provides step-by-step guidance to help customers and partners navigate through the solution and explains how to smoothly upgrade to the full SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing portfolio and benefit from the highlights of the full SAP Ariba Sourcing solution. Participants can access transcripts in various languages, participate in a course assignment, and get a record of achievement at the end of the course. Anyone can sign up for the course on openSAP – only a valid email address is needed.

Customers can access the course content at their convenience, completing short videos ranging from five to 20 minutes in duration at their own pace. Topics covered in the course include how to navigate SAP Ariba Start Sourcing, create and monitor a sourcing event, and create users – all the knowledge required to successfully source new suppliers and meet customer demands.

Find out more about the solution and request access here.

To see what is available in the solution before requesting access, start learning on openSAP now.

Chris Haydon is president of SAP Procurement Solutions.
Eva Zauke is chief knowledge officer at SAP.