The Support Accreditation course serves as a comprehensive resource for customers and partners engaging with SAP’s support channels and services, providing a detailed overview of our support offerings and tools.

In this interview, Dennison John, support center network head and managing director of SAP Labs Latin America, shares insights on the latest advancements in this fundamental training. 

Q: Can you provide a recap of the Support Accreditation course and its importance for those who engage with support from SAP?  

A: Support Accreditation is a training that covers all the support services and tools offered by SAP. Launched in 2020, the course is continuously updated to align with the evolving nature of our support offerings. It is designed to equip SAP users with all requisite resources they need when engaging with support from SAP. The easy-to-use units can guide you through the material with one-pager snapshots, how-to guides, and interactive quizzes.

Q: What has changed in this updated version of Support Accreditation? 

A: In the second release, we have a dedicated unit on AI. This new unit covers advanced topics such as AI-driven support innovations, proactive and predictive support mechanisms, and deep dives into complex support scenarios. These topics are designed to provide those who take the course with cutting-edge knowledge and skills that can enable them to leverage the latest SAP technologies and methodologies to help resolve issues more efficiently and anticipate potential problems before they arise. 

Q: What specific aspects of AI-guided support are covered?  

A: The new unit on AI-guided support covers a range of topics, including the fundamentals of AI in support, how AI algorithms are used to predict and prevent issues, and the practical application of AI tools like Incident Solution Matching and predictive analytics. It also explores the integration of AI with existing support channels and how AI can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of support operations. The course provides hands-on training and real-world examples of how these AI tools can be used to streamline support processes, reduce response times, and improve overall support quality. 

Participants can leverage AI-guided support tools to improve their operations by using AI-driven insights to predict potential issues before they occur, automate routine support tasks, and provide faster, more accurate solutions to common problems. The course teaches one how to integrate these tools into their daily workflows, enabling them to reduce response times, increase the accuracy of issue resolution, and enhance the overall customer support experience. 

Get started with support from SAP with Support Accreditation

Q: Are there any additional lessons in the second release of Support Accreditation?  

A: Yes, we have several new lessons, including support for our SAP Ariba, SAP Fieldglass, and SAP Concur solutions. As a result, we can confidently assert that the Support Accreditation course can now provide comprehensive learning material for our full suite. 

Q: How does Support Accreditation help in utilizing Real-Time Support more effectively?  

A: The training provides detailed modules on Real-Time Support channels, such as Expert Chat, Schedule an Expert, Schedule a Manager, and Ask an Expert Peer. These lessons help in understanding how to access and use these channels efficiently. By familiarizing one with the functionalities and best practices of these tools, the course helps ensure they can quickly and effectively resolve support issues as they arise. 

Q: What feedback have you received regarding the first release, and how has it influenced the second release?  

A: The feedback from the first release has been overwhelmingly positive, with many appreciating the comprehensive nature of the course and the clarity of the content. However, some suggested deeper dives into specific advanced topics. Additionally, we are continuously refining the course content based on ongoing feedback to ensure it meets the evolving needs of our customers and partners. 

Q: How does SAP measure the effectiveness of the training in improving customer and partner interactions with SAP support?  

A: We measure the effectiveness through several key metrics, including feedback, course completion rates, and the impact on support case resolution times. We are delighted by the significant number of customers and partners who have completed the accreditation. Within the initial six months, we have surpassed 3,500 customers and partners who have successfully completed the course and obtained a record of achievement. This certification demonstrates their comprehensive understanding of the course material.  

We encourage all to provide feedback on the content and their overall learning experience after completing the course. Additionally, we analyze data on support case resolution times to assess if there has been an improvement in efficiency and effectiveness as a result of the training. This comprehensive evaluation helps us continuously refine the course to better meet the needs of our customers and partners. 

Q: How does the course address self-service and case prevention strategies?  

A: Support Accreditation includes comprehensive units on self-service and case prevention strategies. These units provide participants with tools and techniques to help proactively address potential issues before they escalate to support cases. Topics covered include using SAP Knowledge Base Articles, leveraging automated tools for common problem resolution, and implementing best practices for maintaining system health. By focusing on these strategies, the course can empower all to minimize downtime and improve system performance, leading to more efficient operations. 

Q: How does the training contribute to the long-term success of SAP customers and partners?  

A: The course contributes to the long-term success of SAP customers and partners by providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to help optimize their use of SAP support services. This can lead to more efficient issue resolution, reduced system downtime, and better overall performance. For partners, the course can help them deliver superior service, build stronger client relationships, and achieve better project outcomes. For customers, the course helps foster self-sufficiency and confidence in managing their SAP systems, ultimately driving business growth and success. 

Leonardo Mauhs is part of Customer Support at SAP.

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