SAP is a sponsor for the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) Institute for Distribution Excellence research series in partnership with Distribution Strategy Group.

The wholesale distribution-specific research initiative allows SAP the ability to continue influencing the future of the industry while addressing market changes with customer-specific solutions that transform and differentiate.

The goal of SAP’s sponsorship is to inspire practitioners from around the world to take action toward becoming digital distributors.

Throughout the seven-part research series, entitled How Technology Will Transform Wholesale Distribution, distributors will learn how to formulate innovative business and technology strategies while working to ensure that their company thrives through an era of massive transformation. Each of the research reports and corresponding webinars will unveil key findings for distributors to dissect and adopt into their unique business models.

The research pulls qualitative and quantitative data from wholesale distributors, manufacturers, and end users from North America to curate a compelling and insightful picture of the market’s new, competitive supply chain. While the research was conducted within North America, it has mass appeal from the global supply chain audience given the comprehensive research and industry expertise brought by Distribution Strategy Group. This series is written by Distribution Strategy Group’s Ian Heller and Jonathan Bein, who have 60 years of combined experience and expertise to solve distribution’s greatest challenges.

“This work represents the most in-depth, compelling, and actionable exploration of the major technology trends that are sweeping through the wholesale distribution industry,” says Heller. Bein adds, “We are using state-of-the-art market research to gain understanding from wholesale distribution leaders, their suppliers, and end customers about the advanced technology that distributors are using, or contemplating using, to serve their customers and suppliers.”

Through the sponsorship of the research reports and webinars, SAP will continue to build awareness and interest in intelligent enterprise technology. SAP believes that intelligent enterprises apply advanced technologies and best practices within agile, integrated business processes. This helps them to be more resilient, profitable, and sustainable, and become best-run businesses – no matter their industry, subsegment, size, or location.

SAP is proud to act as a sponsor of the NAW and Distribution Strategy Group on the following research topics:

  • The Coming Storm of Converging Technologies
  • Distributors’ Views on Technology Disruption and How to Respond
  • How Distributor Customers Will Use Technology from Their Suppliers and Who Is Winning
  • New Technology Frontiers for Distributors: Sizing Up Marketplaces and Becoming Digital Companies

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Paul Pretko is an industry executive advisor for Wholesale Distribution at SAP.