As governments and healthcare organizations worldwide prepare for one of the biggest vaccine distribution projects in history, SAP has made available its vaccine collaboration hub (VCH).

SAP solutions are designed to help governments, healthcare organizations, life sciences companies, medical device manufacturers, and distributors manage the delivery network for safe and efficient vaccine delivery to the communities.

These stakeholders are working hard to simultaneously mitigate public health risks, stabilize economies, and support life-saving vaccine approval. Being able to rely on SAP solutions to manage resources and have transparency into a fully connected supply chain will be a key to success for national and global organizations. SAP tools better position stakeholders to overcome potential resource and supply constraints, quickly adapt to changes, drive accountability, monitor vaccine access equity, and increase constituent trust.

The VCH also includes the Qualtrics Vaccine Management + Citizen Experience solution, which helps governments — from state and local to the largest nationally — prioritize who gets vaccinated, gauge sentiment about being vaccinated to encourage greater adoption, schedule vaccinations, and track patients after vaccination for any potential side effects and follow-ups. It also creates a digital “vaccine passport” that could be shared as necessary with schools, employers, etc., depending on local policies.

SAP solutions address the following areas of vaccine distribution and tracking:

Frontline Healthcare
SAP allows medical staff to stay better informed and enable timely and efficient decision-making, thus helping improve hospital wait times, hospital throughput, and access to quality care for vulnerable populations.  SAP also provides the tools and apps for governments to more effectively conduct tracing of known and, anonymously, of unknown contacts to interrupt the chain of COVID-19 infections.

Vaccine Manufacturing
SAP helps with solutions to protect against counterfeit vaccines, provides vaccine manufacturers the capability to comply with serialization regulations across multiple jurisdictions, and supports vaccine production tracking.

Vaccine Distribution
SAP provides a seamless experience for governments worldwide to publicly fund and order vaccines for their constituents. SAP solutions provide a comprehensive view of vaccine program management, allowing governments to manage inventory, model supply chain network constraints, assess risks, and intervene when necessary. Supply chain network planning will enable governments and industry partners to more easily pivot and scale efforts as new vaccines emerge, and government requirements and guidelines change. SAP solutions provide full transparency into the transport, storage, and dispensing of vaccines to support ensuring their safety and effectiveness.

Vaccine Administration
SAP provides the tools for governments to manage provider enrollment by jurisdiction, monitor resident trust and perception of the vaccine, manage patient assessment and scheduling based on public health guidelines and vaccine availability, and analyze constituent sentiment via the user-friendly dashboarding for monitoring, decision-making, and provider accountability.

Public Awareness
SAP provides the tools to gauge resident perception and sentiment by demographic groups, including marginalized communities, and align those insights with strategy and policy to address concerns and deliver a better experience quickly. This helps governments understand the resident sentiment around the vaccine and what actions they can take to help people feel more confident and safe about distributing, administering, and protecting the vaccine.

Managing the Workforce
SAP helps organizations support their team members as they adapt to working at home through rapid sentiment analysis. This will support organizations’ efforts to close experience gaps while maintaining business continuity. Additionally, SAP provides the tools for businesses and governments to complete workforce planning and quickly staff up with full-time and contingent workforce to meet mission-critical, time-sensitive demands.

SAP solutions bring together vertical industry expertise to help governments and organizations address the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic from clinical support, vaccine supply chain, regulatory compliance, and how businesses respond and manage their workforces effectively.

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Maria Mizell works in Industry Executive Advisory at SAP.
John Murray is senior director of Strategic Initiatives for Life Sciences at SAP.