SAP focuses on providing continuous learning that supports innovation across the entire ecosystem of the Intelligent Enterprise. This year, SAP TechEd will be all virtual, and we are as committed as ever to enabling and certifying professionals by offering free, exclusive access to learning elements and opportunities around the globe.

This offer will support consultants, administrators, and developers with a focus on SAP Cloud Platform.

Supporting Learning Journeys

The 48-hour event will be hosted on December 8-9, but the SAP Learning Hub, event edition, for SAP TechEd will last long beyond the event to support participants’ learning journeys, starting on Dec 1 until March 31, 2021. For the first time at an SAP TechEd event, end-to-end Learning Journeys – with all included training content and courses to prepare for an SAP Global Certification exam – will be offered to attendees for free.

Once registered, participants will receive access to the event edition of SAP Learning Hub, including:

  • The SAP TechEd Learning Room, allowing learners to delve into session topics, exchange with SAP experts, and network with other attendees
  • Four Learning Journeys with full learning content to help upskill end-to-end for an SAP Global Certification
  • Complementary SAP TechEd Learning Journeys with learning content tailored to SAP TechEd tracks
  • Live sessions per SAP TechEd track, hosted by SAP experts

Enabling Certification

What’s more, this year’s SAP Learning Hub, event edition, can help SAP TechEd attendees build or deepen their knowledge with four Learning Journeys that all lead toward SAP Global Certification. Registrants can gain SAP software expertise with quality digital, collaborative, and expert-led training for these key areas of the SAP portfolio:

  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration
  • SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Extensions
  • ABAP programming for SAP HANA
  • SAP UI5 and SAP Fiori applications

With this edition, registrants can also stay current and prepare for certification with content in multiple formats and languages – unlocking the full power of SAP solutions and faster innovation with developer training built by SAP for its solutions.

The event edition of SAP Learning Hub for SAP TechEd also offers a discounted certification path. Two SAP Global Certification attempts will be offered to registrants at a substantially lower price. Along with expert content, SAP values opportunities for achieving certification. In fact, a recent Pearson VUE study outlined the benefits of obtaining an IT certification, such as growth in career opportunities – like a 28% increase in responsibilities and 55% increase in ability to transfer IT knowledge at work – and a potential 35% increase in salary.

During the months of December and January, registrants can participate in short live sessions through the SAP TechEd Learning Rooms in the SAP Learning Hub, event edition, to fast-track the path to certification.  

Through these opportunities, SAP TechEd provides learners all they need to become acknowledged SAP developers and ultimately expand their knowledge and skill sets to support and impact the intelligent enterprise ecosystem.

Get free access to the event edition of SAP Learning Hub for SAP TechEd here.

For those interested in building SAP solution skills and getting access to all SAP training materials, SAP is offering 10% off on a 12-month 24/7 subscription to SAP Learning Hub. Learn more here.

Sabine Benz is the vice president and head of Outbound Go-to-Market for SAP Knowledge and Education.