Searching for new ways to energize growth in 2021, businesses are embarking on digital transformation journeys to drive progress. Positive outcomes depend on getting everyone onboard with the right skills. Offering personalized, collaborative, and targeted upskilling from anywhere, at any time is not just on the horizon – it is already a reality for companies seeking to keep pace with the competition. What are the key ingredients?

Learning took a (r)evolutionary step this year. For both people and business, learning is now closer and more digital than ever. Altran, Ernst & Young, and CNT Management Consulting, along with the companies to which they offer their services, are joining many more in updating the skills of their people to outpace the competition. Let’s look at what we can learn from them.

Personalized Learning at Altran

As a leading provider of IT consultancy services, Altran assists its global customers in achieving digital transformation.

For its consultants to understand the full capability of solutions that can enable customers to grow their businesses, they needed a centralized e-learning platform. They implemented a 24×7 learning program that gave their consultants access to a wide range of training content, simulation tools, and learning maps.

Even more helpful to its global business, SAP Learning Hub enabled Altran’s multinational staff to train using material in their native language and provided personalized training and certification programs based on users’ individual roles and requirements. After 12 months of using SAP Learning Hub, Altran was able to create and deliver tailored training materials and improve consultants’ test scores from 30% to 83%. Just as personalized learning holds the promise of being an effective training strategy in 2021, so does the ability for people to learn with and from each other.

Collaboration is Key for Ernst & Young

The goal sounded challenging: train large teams of global consultants to inspire customer confidence in SAP software technology while reducing training times by a third. Professional services company Ernst & Young also wanted to reduce its carbon footprint by finding a training solution that would work for them.

That is where SAP Learning Rooms, a collaborative learning offering that is part of SAP Learning Hub, came in. What Ernst & Young put into action allowed its consultants to learn together on a system that was kept up to date, personalized, localized, and available 24×7. Not only did the company achieve its goal of a 30% reduction in training times, but it was also able to reduce costs by two-thirds by implementing a scalable solution.

As for the learners, they participate in communities and are able to take advantage of another learning trend: fast upskilling with the right information.

Targeted Upskilling Helps CNT

The knowledge required to stay ahead can change quickly. To keep up, training should be provided in the moment of need and with up-to-date material. CNT Management Consulting provides its services to projects domestically in Austria, but also throughout Europe and North and South America. Its people must be informed on regular updates to software solutions.

The advantage of CNT’s targeted upskilling was that its people were able to complete training requirements and engage with activities when it suited their schedules. As the latest part of its dynamic learning culture, SAP Learning Hub allows employees to increase their competency, qualifications, and involvement in the company. CNT assigned 2,439 courses and materials, completed 656 courses, and certified 1,543 learning hours. Those numbers back up a training program that adds value by retaining its people and attracting new talent.

A New Year’s Resolution to Keep

Not too many predicted what would happen in 2020 this time last year. But we have been reminded that business growth is perpetually tied to people. While tools and learning trends may come and go, giving people the skills to drive business growth is forever.

The value that Altran, Ernst & Young, and CNT have added via their training have something in common: SAP Learning Hub. The solutions these businesses are already using, such as SAP Live Access and SAP Learning Rooms, are all available on the hub.

SAP Learning Hub provides both individuals and companies with 24×7 training — making investing in learning a New Year’s resolution to keep.

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