Digital transformation is now commonplace, requiring everyone — individuals and businesses — to keep up. In this age of constant change, life-long learners are wanted and a key step in this new continuous learning is certification.

But validation of skills is not the final step. The modern learning journey is like climbing a mountain only to see yet another peak appear. Individuals and companies including DXC Technology, Rizing HCM, and Southern Cross Computing are rising to that challenge by providing their people with learning, certification, and starting again. But what does this continuous cycle offer individuals and business?

Rewarding Experience for Individuals

Work experience, skills, qualifications, and professional certifications on display via our social media profiles are part of the new normal. And with interconnected digital networks, our professional experiences go beyond borders or current location. Individuals with the proven ability to perform receive recognition and value for their skills and can compete for jobs across the globe. With the right skills, you could be in Singapore today and find the perfect job in Johannesburg tomorrow.

91% of respondents surveyed in a study of
more than 10,000 IT professionals
who took IT-related certifications say
that the professional credibility gained
through certification is worth the time and money

There are clear competitive advantages in the recruitment processes when your skills are transparent and on display for recruiters and when you are engaged in a continuous cycle of improvement. But the benefits of certification do not end with the individual. Companies deploying employee-wide certification programs are also reaping the rewards of a trained and knowledgeable workforce.

Clear Business Advantage

The centerpiece of the future of work is upskilling, along with the understanding that it is not a final destination, but a continuous process. Companies are seizing the moment and investing in learning programs to certify their people in preparation for 2021 and keep them up to date beyond.

The urgency to validate employee skills was so immediate that IT service company DXC Technology updated its training program. It certified 409 consultants in cloud solutions — four times more than the previous year. The firm took this leap to demonstrate to clients that it has certified, credible, skilled people that can help with their digital transformations. DXC Technology has already seen the result: 16% growth in digital revenue. To see that kind of growth, learning has to be part of a global company culture.

Rizing HCM, specializing in human capital management (HCM) consultancy, grew its established reputation as an employer of choice by offering comprehensive professional development opportunities. That effort, now part of its success, helps attract and retain highly skilled talent. The company maintains scores of professional certifications of its global workforce and is continuing to grow its reputation as a leader in designing and implementing world-class HCM solutions.

Down under, Southern Cross Computing needed a way to incorporate continuous learning into busy schedules. As a professional services firm that provides consulting to both the federal government and private enterprises in Australia, it turned away from off-site training toward certification from anywhere, at any time, in order to keep consultants up to date. The company achieved reduced training costs per-consultant, a benefit that will continue into 2021.

This year has been one of unprecedented changes. Certifications are making people and business more flexible and resilient even as that next unforeseen challenge approaches. Individuals taking advantage of certification programs benefit from concrete results. Learning and certification programs, like those put in place by DXC Technology, Rizing HCM, and Southern Cross Computing provide their people with the knowledge they need.

SAP Training Delivers

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