Merging SAP Store and SAP App Center simplifies the shopping experience of customers making their journeys to the Intelligent Enterprise.

“As an SAP partner and long-time participant of SAP’s digital marketplace, we’ve seen first-hand SAP’s commitment to fostering a customer-first approach when it comes to connecting customers with the solutions they need. By consolidating SAP and partner solutions onto one marketplace, SAP Store, SAP is further elevating its partner ecosystem, bringing the most relevant solutions forward based on what each individual customer needs most to solve their unique business challenges.”

— Tim Yates, CEO of DataXstream

Our customers tell us that one of the best things about trying and buying apps on SAP Store and SAP App Center is the assurance of simple integration with SAP software – whether choosing an SAP or partner offering. People come to our digital marketplaces to find a solution that meets their needs, one that comes from SAP or validated by SAP, signifying a stamp of approval.

So why not offer them a single search experience for both SAP and partner innovations?

That is exactly what we have done with the latest enhancement: a consolidated catalog for both SAP products and SAP partner products. Now you’ll be able to discover both SAP and partner apps with a single search that is more flexible and intelligent than ever.

New Features, New Experience

If your first thought is that a combined catalog will result in an even wider array of apps, perhaps with too many to choose from – don’t worry. We’re introducing new features that aim to make discovery faster, easier, and more fun, such as the following:

  • Updated category menu: When browsing, you will see a new menu that allows users to browse products in whatever way they want. Whether by industry, product category, or solution type.
  • Guided search: Now you can use natural sentence structure in your search, just as you would when speaking to a live sales agent. You might enter, for example, “I am looking for an add-on to help with legal contracts.” A guided search model refines the keywords and points you to relevant product pages. This feature is not only more intuitive, it reduces the need for repeat searches.
  • Favorites: You can save product pages in your own favorites section and return to them later to contrast and compare.
  • Tips for filtering: When you get to the search results page, you’ll be guided to next-best steps and popular features.

As with any iterative design process, these enhancements will be monitored for their effectiveness and usage. Based on aggregated analysis of browsing behavior, we will continue to refine the tools with the best response and develop others based on the data. We know we are only scratching the surface of what we can do with search, but this represents a big step in the right direction.

Equal Balance and Transparency for All Products

One key objective for our design team was impartiality for SAP and partner offerings, allowing customers to discover the product that best suits their needs. While SAP products will be visually identifiable, the search functionality itself aims for fair, unbiased exposure for all products. That is true for search algorithms as well as for the content itself. On category landing pages, for instance, you’ll see “Customers’ reactions to products from SAP and our partners,” with actual customer quotes and ratings.  And on product pages, we show reviews sourced from an independent third party.

Whether you are searching for software for individual use or purchasing for a large enterprise, we think you’ll find that the user experience is a whole new experience.

Candice Osborne is head of Commercial Experience for SAP Digital Commerce.