As the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown began, INTURN, a company based in New York City that specializes in supply chain solutions and optimizations for excess and slow-moving inventory, was looking for ways to help its local community through the challenging times.

With nearly three-quarters of food pantries and soup kitchens reporting an increase in visitors, providing support for those experiencing hunger was a clear, effective way to make an immediate impact.

Initially, INTURN distributed free Uber Eats gift cards to prospects. But as more and more New Yorkers lost their jobs and faced food shortages, the company hit on a bigger idea, one that tied its own success and company values to greater involvement. For every minute a prospect spent on a call, INTURN donated five meals to the Food Bank for New York City. In 2020, that number added up to more than 43,000 meals.

“We’ve seen many companies, including INTURN, step up this year to help meet the unprecedented need to help people get food,” said Janis Robinson, vice president of Partnerships and Institutions at Food Bank for NYC. “Local businesses play such a key role in the health of the community. Initiatives like this have a tangible impact on how we’re able to serve those in need.”

For more than 35 years, the Food Bank for NYC has served the community, providing more than 1 billion meals.

“Obviously, every city has been impacted by this,” said Ronen Lazar, CEO at INTURN. “We’re based in New York, so we decided to use our resources in our community. There’s been a dire need this year for everyone to help their neighbors. I’m so proud that INTURN put this effort in place. It has been a really meaningful experience.”

Initiatives like this are not only a way to give back, but also an opportunity to execute good business practices. Employees get to feel that their day-to-day work is even more meaningful; it’s fun and motivating. This work also keeps clients happy. INTURN recently hosted a virtual “lunch and learn” with SAP, Levi’s, and potential clients. INTURN donated meals, proving that the company embodies its values in everything that it does.

Inspired by the success and the real-life impacts that came from the food donation campaign, the INTURN team has set a larger goal for 2021 to surpass the 43,000 meals donated in 2020 and expand donations to food banks beyond NYC.

Pandemic or not, INTURN is deeply committed to finding continued synergies between business practices and helping the greater community.

INTURN sells its solution on SAP Store. The solution, an extension to SAP ERP, is endorsed by SAP and provides a system of record for managing slow-moving or excess inventory across industries. INTURN works with leading consumer brands to help them manage, sell, and optimize their excess and slow-moving inventory.

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