SAP understands the login complexity that customers and partners experience while managing multiple SAP accounts and passwords. Therefore, SAP has launched SAP Universal ID, a key component of a Board-sponsored program kicked off in 2018.

Centralizing identity and user management, SAP Universal ID allows users to logon to SAP systems using one account, linking all existing SAP legacy accounts (S-/P-users).

To date, SAP Universal ID supports access to more than 180 of SAP’s most popular customer and partner applications and platforms, such as SAP for Me. In the future, additional SAP Universal ID features will complement most SAP login processes.

The launch of SAP Universal ID is SAP’s commitment to significantly simplify user login experiences and by adopting SAP Universal ID, the user can:

  • Take control: Own their personal SAP identity
  • Manage one account: In one universal account link all their existing accounts
  • Use it wherever they go: No matter where they work, their ID goes with them

Additionally, SAP Universal ID:

  • Is a personal and lifelong authentication for SAP portals now and in the future. Users enter one password and, once logged in, can choose from any of their linked accounts.
  • Will allow SAP to deliver a compliant, sophisticated, and engaging user experience, including personalized offerings and automated communications, and to advocate for users more effectively. It will also help improve security overall due to the elimination of shared user accounts.

How to Create an SAP Universal ID:
Three Steps.  Two Minutes.  Done.

Graphic: Steps to create SAP Universal IDOnce the ID has been created, SAP Universal ID Account Manager, allows the user to view, update, and manage personal information, account security settings, including S-/ P-user associations to companies.

SAP Universal ID works on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge, as well as the latest versions of iOS and Android for smartphones and tablets. It does not work on Internet Explorer.

Watch this video to find out how easy it is to get your own unique login:

SAP Universal ID – watch this video to find out how easy it is to get your own unique login

Kevin DeVilbiss is head of Identity and User Management at SAP.