Solution partners have been in the news of late, particularly as it relates to industry cloud and the development of new life science solutions for clinical trial analytics and supply chain management. SAP’s industry cloud gives partners access to vertical solutions that help drive tangible business outcomes and sustainable growth.

Purpose-built by SAP in conjunction with partners, these open-platform solutions are interoperable with the intelligent suite and SAP Business Network. Several partners have recently announced breakthroughs that are helping them accelerate business operations, balance cost efficiencies, and simplify the provisioning of high-value vertical solutions. Here are their stories.

Managing Medical Device Compliance Worldwide

Germany’s p36 GmbH was recently recognized as a 2021 SAP Pinnacle Award finalist in the Partner Application of the Year, Industry Cloud category. The company worked closely with SAP to develop a best-in-class solution to help businesses in life sciences respond to unique device identification (UDI) requirements for medical devices.

Built on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), p36’s new UDI solution fits into existing IT landscapes with SAP and third-party applications. It provides a holistic, managed UDI service supporting both business and IT operations with active market monitoring and process best practices for different countries – exactly what customers demand from a modern software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. By doing so, the platform helps p36 customers achieve UDI compliance in order to become and remain competitive globally.

The annual SAP Pinnacle Awards acknowledge the contributions of SAP partners that have excelled in growing their partnership with SAP and helping their customers meet their goals. “Being nominated as a finalist from more than 20,000 SAP partners worldwide is an incredible recognition of the way we have provided best-in-class cloud solutions for the life science industry. Our continued partnership with SAP has been a major factor in our success, and being a part of SAP’s industry cloud portfolio is the perfect way to support our business strategy of industry-focused SaaS solutions,said Robin Wennemuth, CEO and co-founder of p36.

New Standard for Life Sciences Clinical Trial Supply Operations

To better address the specific needs of the clinical supplies practice, SAP, Roche, and Tenthpin recently initiated an industry consortium consisting of numerous life science stakeholders, including clinical trial and interactive response technology system vendors. The consortium is focused on defining and orchestrating optimally aligned supply processes in order to harmonize clinical and commercial supply chain management systems. The next-generation SAP Intelligent Clinical Supply Management solution aims to shape the future of clinical supplies operations.

To further strengthen its strategic partnership with SAP, Tenthpin opened a Global Life Science Innovation Center that is focused on fostering innovative clinical trial solutions designed on SAP’s industry cloud.

“The life science industry is at a crossroads and our clients need to reimagine their future,” said Michael Schmidt, Tenthpin partner and co-founder. “There is a strong need for innovation and the opportunity for the industry is significant. The future of the value chain for the life science industry will be data-driven and patient-centric. With the blurring of lines between pharmaceuticals and medical technology, and with the emergence of bioelectronics, the industry will provide integrated healthcare solutions and treatment that go beyond the pill. Innovation capabilities from Tenthpin in support of SAP’s industry cloud will be at the heart of this transformation.”

SAP Intelligent Clinical Supply Management Solution

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SAP Intelligent Clinical Supply Management Solution

Cloud-Based Clinical Trial Analytics Solution Built on SAP BTP

In May, Achiral Systems Pvt., Ltd. launched its SyMetric Trial Analytics solution and made it available on SAP’s digital marketplace for partner offerings. The new solution provides a harmonized approach to clinical trial analytics, working to deliver increased transparency into performance, more accurate planning for future studies, greater trust in data, and ultimately higher success rates.

Life science organizations conduct clinical trials worldwide through multiple contract research organizations (CRO). The success of trials depends on study planning and the performance of various sites, CROs, and the experience of researchers. Performance can vary considerably depending on the therapeutic area, the country where research is conducted, and the phase of the study. In most of these organizations, core data is scattered across departments and across multiple spreadsheets. This solution consolidates and aggregates data to bring clarity to analytics.

“We are working exclusively to provide comprehensive solutions for clinical trials,” commented Uma Janapareddy, managing director of SyMetric. “Through our SAP partnership, we are able to leverage SAP Business Technology Platform to deliver flexible, cloud-based solutions to our customers. We are pleased to announce the launch of SyMetric Trial Analytics on SAP Store as part of SAP’s industry cloud.”

To further the spirit of collaboration, Tenthpin and Symetic announced their strategic partnership to build clinical trial solutions. Bringing the industry expertise of Tenthpin with SyMetric’s clinical trial solution know-how, on top of SAP technology, is a winning match to help improve clinical trial processes.

Vertical Solutions Drive Cost-Effective Transformation and Sustainable Growth

For life science companies, SAP’s industry cloud can provide resilience, efficiency, and flexibility while supporting strategic transformation. Its wide selection of specialized, cutting-edge solutions can be used to enhance and extend business capabilities while maintaining process integrity and compliance.

Innovators can respond to changing business requirements with applications they can trust while minimizing integration and support costs. They can enable continuous innovation while protecting the security and integrity of business processes. Industry cloud solutions from SAP help increase automation and support business transformation in a safe, controlled way.

Mandar Paralkar is global head of Life Sciences at SAP.