Many companies around the world have a unique set of requirements when it comes to their core, on top of the basic requirements covered through standard software. Combined with new ways to store, collect, and exchange data in the cloud, this has led to a reliance on multiple apps that must be maintained and updated to stay competitive. This complexity is a drain on resources, represents a fair amount of risk and, as Forrester analyst Duncan Jones noted, it’s driving organizations to replace their legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with platforms that are less rigid and more flexible.

Companies that want to manage their unique needs, embrace transformation, and streamline integration are turning to SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). It serves as the foundational platform to help companies become connected, intelligent enterprises by bringing together SAP applications for database and data management, analytics, application development and integration, as well as intelligent technologies from SAP’s massive partner ecosystem.

As partners increasingly leverage the platform, SAP aims to ease the financial component, which is why today we launched the Pay-As-You-Go payment model for SAP BTP for partners. This new licensing option makes it easier to get started with SAP Business Technology Platform.

The features and benefits for partners include:

  • Test, demo, and development licensing services without upfront financial commitment
  • Only paying for services used, when used
  • Access to the free tier model for SAP BTP and low-priced services
  • Increased flexibility on testing, demonstrating, and developing new technologies
  • Quick access due to simplified contracting and ordering (partner only)

With SAP BTP, partners can move quickly to address the new cloud landscape. With this payment model, partners can have a lower barrier to create their own intellectual property (IP) on SAP BTP that answers specific customer needs and their specific industry knowledge. By using one platform, partners can offer their IP to many customers at once on marketplaces like SAP Store, which provides additional revenue opportunities.

Ultimately, Pay-As-You-Go for SAP BTP helps customers, as they benefit from the broad set services as partners try, learn, develop, and implement integration and extension scenarios for SAP Business Technology Platform.

Karl Fahrbach is chief partner officer at SAP.