Connecting People, Organizations, and Success with Talent Experience Management on SAP Store


One piece of advice often suggested to people just entering the workforce – or those looking for a new position – is “aim high.” And aiming high is surely the ethos of Phenom People, Inc. (dba Phenom), whose guiding mission is stated simply: “Helping a billion people find the right job.”

I find that pretty inspirational, as I did my discussion with Saumil Gandhi, vice president of Corporate Development and Alliances at Phenom, about the company’s Talent Experience Management (TXM) solution on SAP Store.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Phenom’s TXM solution enables enterprises to help candidates find the right job, employees learn and evolve their careers, recruiters discover top talent, and managers build their teams faster. The solution integrates with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, allowing employers to create engaging, dynamic, and relevant experiences for all candidates as they engage with the brand and open roles — whether they’re a first-time visitor, returning visitor, qualified lead, or applicant.

Pairing Technology with Contemporary Hiring Realities

Phenom’s TXM solution couldn’t be more relevant to the way hiring has evolved today. “We are in a profound moment in the history of recruiting,” Gandhi observed. “For a long time, humans have overcomplicated the process. You once got a job simply by walking through a door after seeing a ‘help wanted’ sign, talking with the boss, and hearing the magic words ‘you’re hired.’ We provide a digital platform that makes that process just as easy. We want to take the fear away from candidates – especially young people who have never looked for a job before. We are offering pure simplification, reducing the number of touch points.”

As one example, Phenom TXM provides employers with a conversational AI chatbot to automate sourcing, screening, and interview scheduling — all in real time. “It’s not unusual for 40 or 50 hours to go into this effort. The chatbot does it in minutes and is vital for high-volume hiring applications,” Gandhi told me.

Connecting People Through Instantly Personalized Connections

For candidates, Phenom TXM works with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting to enhance their experience, ultimately allowing them to find and apply to relevant jobs faster.

The solution uses AI to deliver hyper-personalized career sites that dynamically provide tailored content based on a candidate’s skills, experience, location, and more — whether they’re passively browsing the site or actively looking for a job. (Phenom TXM is GDPR compliant to protect privacy.)

Recruiters can use the solution to build, engage, and track talent pipelines for the organization in a central place. AI-powered features can also be used to discover — and rediscover — qualified candidates, view candidate fit scores, and create effective talent marketing campaigns. These capabilities extend to university recruiting, enabling recruiters to create campus events, publish registration pages, and manage attendees in real time with a mobile app.

For employees, Phenom TXM provides greater visibility and easier access to internal jobs, company content, and career development opportunities, ultimately building an experience for employees that rival the attention given to candidates.

From a holistic standpoint, the idea is to empower both organizations and individuals to be successful in an environment where candidates are not sitting in front of a hiring manager demonstrating fit for the job.

“The dimensions of recruiting are changing,” Gandhi commented. “Today, companies are hiring software engineers, for instance, who can be located in any part of the world and be just as effective. Meanwhile, there is a great deal of cross-pollination going on across industries. As workers seek new opportunities, many are looking to bring their expertise and skills to new sectors, which opens up the talent pool significantly for employers.”

Partnering to Do the Best for the Customer

Speaking of a good fit, Phenom has found that with SAP, noted Gandhi. “Our partnership is key to achieving our vision,” he remarked. “We share the same core values. It’s in our DNA to contribute to someone else’s success. Both of our companies strive to put the customer at the center of the universe, and that sense of doing good for the customer warms my heart.”

In his exceptional interactions with SAP, he added, “The people we work with are so professional, so energetic, so willing to hear the voice of the partner.” Through SAP Store, SAP and Phenom have more than 30 mutual customers using the integrated solutions. “And that’s why we’re better together.”

I will wager that there could be a good match for your organization with TXM from Phenom. Why not check it out now on SAP Store?