Shipping requires a logistics network of planners, warehouse personnel, and drivers to move, store, and distribute pallets of cranberry sauce all over the country to retail stores where, again, there are teams of people stacking and replenishing the shelves.

To put it in perspective, for this holiday season, the process from farm to table started about the time the pandemic hit the U.S., and involved hundreds of people, just so we as consumers can have cranberry sauce as a side this Thanksgiving.

Showing Gratitude this Holiday Season

This Thanksgiving, I for one will be giving thanks for what I do have, and for all the people who made it possible — and not complaining about what is not available.

Thank you to all those honest, hardworking people behind the scenes, making the best of a tough situation, so that we can all try and enjoy some semblance of normality this holiday season.

To learn more about how to manage teams of people across a sustainable supply chain download this recent Oxford Economics study.