After a decade of disruption, the definition of supply chain optimization is becoming broader and more complex. The goal is no longer getting things from point A to point B. It’s running an ever-evolving web with rapid responses, proactive problem-solving, and continuous operational improvement.

In response, businesses carefully reevaluate different supply chain strategies, such as just-in-time manufacturing, dual sourcing, reshoring, and stockpiling. And a big part of that conversation is the rapidly advancing capabilities of generative AI, data analytics, automation, machine learning, and many more technologies.

However, transitioning from strategies to impactful actions poses a significant challenge for most supply chain organizations. This hurdle is primarily due to the intricate nature of implementation initiatives, which often deviate from best practices, result in suboptimal user experiences, and need a comprehensive adoption strategy.

Encouragingly, a growing number of businesses are defying this trend by using the expanded edition of the SAP Preferred Success plan for the SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) for Supply Chain solution.

Kick-Starting a New Era of Proactive Optimization

No matter where they are on their path to becoming a smart supply chain, companies gain incredible value from accessing personalized support and resources on demand. Even if strategies are clear and goals are specific, adopting the right technologies is critical – and this requires in-depth expertise and experience in what works well and what should be avoided.

SAP Preferred Success for SAP IBP for Supply Chain, expanded edition can offer all that guidance by augmenting the standard offering of SAP Preferred Success. The proactive success plan builds on top of the personalized planning, tailored guidance, accelerated adoptions, continuous improvement, data-driven insights into key features, access to experts, and risk mitigation that’s already available.

SAP Preferred Success: Fast track the value of your cloud investments

Such enhancements are extended with access to product specialists, prescriptive solution reviews, proactive monitoring, and targeted feature adoption assistance. Additional services can also help customers by providing very detailed reviews and analysis of their current instance of SAP IBP for Supply Chain.

These knowledgeable expertise, services, and resources are designed to help maximize and accelerate the bottom-line value of supply chain operations while minimizing the need for multiple statements of work. Opportunities for process improvement can be identified through the analysis of solution usage, best practices, and potential gains. Furthermore, supply chain planning processes can be continuously enhanced by pinpointing, evaluating, and activating the latest capabilities in SAP IBP for Supply Chain to help speed up adoption and achieve business goals.

Delivering Value with Guided Adoption and Transformation

A key feature of this expanded edition is the assignment of a product specialist. This specialist helps coordinate opportunities for customers to receive in-depth guidance and insights from relevant subject-matter experts within SAP. For example, regular calls are arranged to schedule and deliver essential services and offer direct access to SAP experts who can give targeted guidance and recommendations on best practices and assistance with SAP Business AI capabilities.

One of the standout enhancements is the prescriptive solution review, a one-on-one workshop tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of each organization. It is designed to help elevate the operational excellence and solution design of SAP IBP for Supply Chain. By engaging with experienced functional and technical consultants, organizations can receive actionable recommendations and advice on solution configuration changes that lessen existing challenges, enhance the user experience, and limit bottlenecks.

In addition to solution reviews, the expanded edition can provide targeted feature adoption assistance. Subject-matter experts understand your business goals and can collaborate with organizations to identify, evaluate, and deploy the most relevant features. More importantly, this level of support can allow businesses to maximize solution adoption and business outcomes with insight into potential value.

The benefits of SAP Preferred Success for SAP IBP for Supply Chain, expanded edition can go even further with proactive monitoring checks. These services help ensure ongoing solution stability by detecting and analyzing potential issues around performance and checking the system’s status against the latest administrative and technical requirements.

Driving Success with Future-Proof Supply Chains

Considering the importance of efficiency and agility in today’s supply chain, the expanded edition of SAP Preferred Success for SAP IBP for Supply Chain couldn’t have come at a better time. The comprehensive plan of personalized support, expert guidance, and advanced analytical tools can empower businesses to navigate the complexities of modern supply chain management confidently and strategically.

SAP customers are already witnessing the transformative impact of this plan – from resolving pressing issues to continuously optimizing their operations. And as the landscape of supply chain management evolves, the expanding capabilities of SAP Preferred Success can help ensure that companies are not only prepared to meet daily challenges but also well-positioned for future success.

Ready to realize your vision of a smart supply chain? Visit sap.com or contact your local SAP representative to learn more about SAP Preferred Success for SAP IBP for Supply Chain, expanded edition.

Kiron Satyavarapu is global solution owner of SAP Preferred Success at SAP.

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