Giving the Perfect Gift with Xoxoday Plum Rewards and Incentives on SAP Store


I cannot think of anyone who doesn’t appreciate being acknowledged for contributing or doing a job well. And receiving a tangible reward along with the pat on the back is so much the better.

But what about adding a gift that suits the person’s own interests? Not a gold watch or a wall plaque or tickets to a sporting event, but something they really want — and can choose themselves? That’s the kind of recognition I would appreciate most. And that is the concept behind Xoxoday Plum Rewards and Incentives, a great app from Xoxoday available on SAP Store.

Here’s how it works: Xoxoday Plum Rewards and Incentives integrates with SAP SuccessFactors Compensation for a simple and seamless way for employers to reward their people, empowered by a robust technology platform. The employer issues points through SAP SuccessFactors Compensation; the employee takes it from there, redeeming the points from a vast catalog that includes not just the usual gift cards, but all manner of experiences. How about a helicopter ride or a desert camping trip or a gourmet meal? The Xoxoday concierge makes reservations and books travel. Or maybe the employee would prefer to put it toward their family’s everyday expenses or donate it to a worthy cause. More than 21,000 options are offered, covering some 70 countries and 50 languages. The app manages the redemption process and rewards delivery from end to end.

A Rewarding Experience, Whatever the Choice

To learn more, I spoke with the team at Xoxoday: Piyush Agarwal, product vice president; Srivatsan Mohan, engineering vice president; and Shubham Bhatia, product marketing manager.

I was impressed with the enormous range of options and intrigued by the emphasis on experiences, which Agarwal noted is a key differentiator for the Xoxoday Plum app.

One of my first questions was about how the global disruption over recent months has effected the business. “There was no dip,” he told me, “because companies quickly realized the need to support their people suddenly working alone from home. They started offering subscriptions to meditation classes, for example, to encourage employees to care for their physical and mental wellness. On-demand options became popular, and virtual activities for families. This was where Xoxoday could really help them.”

A startup just nine years ago, Xoxoday has found a market niche among enterprises looking for a seamless experience for corporate gifting. Besides Xoxoday Plum Rewards and Incentives, the company also supports other use cases, including gifts for participating in surveys and market research, promotional campaigns, channel incentives, and account-based marketing for accelerating sales.

Mohan explained that the founders, now the chief executives, had extensive experience in the field and strong backgrounds in sales. One had managed the gift card division at Flipkart, a major e-commerce company in Southeast Asia. It was not long before Xoxoday had landed some of the world’s best-known brands. Xoxoday supports these global enterprises with a team of about 200 employees in India and offices in the U.S., the UK, and Singapore.

Lots of Incentives to Partner with SAP

The connections of the company’s founders also led them to SAP about two years ago, Mohan continued. “We were looking to acquire more brands and to become a key player in the SAP ecosystem, since we have so many mutual customers.”

“We wanted a partner that could help us scale, and SAP is a perfect match for integrating our product in digital commerce with global reach,” Agarwal added. “And SAP wanted a partner like us to offer a simple rewards program that works with their customers’ HR software. Customers using SAP SuccessFactors Compensation can go live in less than 30 days. We get great support from the SAP account execs, and at this point, we have a healthy pipeline for the next year. This collaboration supports our mission to build a technology infrastructure for businesses to simplify and automate global branded currency.”

And here’s a little gift for you: a free trial of Xoxoxday Plum Rewards and Incentives. Why not give it a whirl with a visit to SAP Store?

Rajiv Neema is senior director for SAP Store partner solutions.