As the name would suggest, value is key to the work TheValueChain delivers for its partners. As a service provider, the Belgium-based partner’s aim is to improve its customers’ investments in SAP tech and add value to their businesses.

With a focus on the wholesale distribution, utilities, manufacturing, and professional services industries, TheValueChain first used SAP Cloud Platform when it was managing a global tech rollout for one of its customers.

When SAP Business Technology Platform launched, TheValueChain could see how it would provide complete end-to-end enablement and support for its customers.

“We were early adopters of SAP BTP, using it in its original incarnation to manage an SAP S/4HANA Cloud rollout,” explains Kenny Mattheyssen, the supply chain team lead at TheValueChain. “We could create apps and extend our customer’s system. It was such a success that we’ve used it time and again since, for both cloud and on-premise customers.”

“We have always been a front-runner with intelligent robotic process automation (RPA), but when SAP BTP was unveiled, we were able to take a step back and see it as a complete solution, not just for RPA, but as a big automation platform that serves as a great toolbox, where you take and use the tools you need depending on what you’re delivering. It is fast for integration. It’s a great solution for RPA and for workflow management. We can pick the services that work for our customers.”

The platform has enabled TheValueChain to extend its remit and become an innovation partner, collaborating with its customers on process innovation.

Adds Mattheyssen: “We are mainly a service provider, but we want to be a product development company too, and we can do that now with SAP BTP. We have the innovation, we have the methodology, and we’re using the platform to develop packages that we can take to market, either as TheValueChain or via SAP Store.”

According to Mattheyssen, SAP BTP makes life better for partners and customers. It’s an enabler for “things that were not possible before;” an automation platform that does all the previously manual business tasks.

The value it brings, he says, is very tangible: SAP BTP can be agile and quick and so the return on investment can be almost immediate.

The customer experience is also reflective of the way consumers choose and use apps. “You shop in SAP BTP as you would do in an app store – the whole experience is being received extremely well by customers.”

He says they chose to work on SAP BTP for three main reasons: for its seamless integration, for the prepackaged content, and for the competitive licensing model.

“We trust in the tech. We don’t see any reason to look elsewhere for our development needs. SAP is on a really good track with SAP BTP. The innovation flows automatically into the platform and we’re able to use it,” says Mattheyssen.

“If I were to sum up the benefits of SAP BTP in three words, I’d say instant business value, agile, and innovative.”