SAP Positioned as a Leader in U.S. and European IT Training by IDC MarketScape


We’ve entered an era of fast-paced digital transformation that has created a highly competitive business environment – which is only expected to increase with time.

Every company is feverishly working to update its processes. However, for organizations to sustain such rapid evolutions, their workforce must consistently sharpen their skills to match developing technological needs. To remain at the forefront of industry change in the coming years, it’s essential that employees are provided access to continual training and career growth to achieve both the retention of essential talent and a company culture of continuous innovation.

To overcome these challenges, many organizations and people are turning to easily accessible resources, courses, and certifications from SAP Learning to help bridge the skills gap. SAP is positioned in the Leaders Category in both the IDC MarketScape U.S. IT Training 2021 Vendor Assessment and the IDC MarketScape European IT Training 2021 Vendor Assessment. This research includes analysis of the most well-known IT training firms with portfolios that are appropriate to organizations considering “significant transformation initiatives.”

SAP Courses Enable Innovative Skill Sets 

The SAP Learning Journeys portfolio helps meet individual educational needs and boost technology aptitude across organizations. SAP sees a growing necessity of training and certification resources in today’s working environment. According to the IDC MarketScape U.S. IT Training Vendor Assessment, SAP’s strengths include:

  • Clients appreciate additional training services.
  • Clients appreciate its certification test preparation offering.
  • Clients say they will use it more often next year.
  • It can help clients customize content or paths.
  • It has a strong point of view regarding how much training is helpful.
  • It has a strong refresh and update process for its content.
  • It has examples of how it improves client operations.
  • It integrates labs into a range of its content.
  • It offers a range of pricing and packaging approaches.
  • Students appreciate the use of quizzes to support learning.

Take Neils Wijsbeek, specialist lead at Deloitte Consulting B.V, for example. Despite having seven years of SAP solution experience under his belt, Wijsbeek continues to build his profile of certifications by becoming an SAP-certified application associate in SAP SuccessFactors solutions. Wijsbeek finds that continuing to grow his certifications benefits his career and ultimately provides a visible way of demonstrating his expertise. “The certification process, particularly the preparation for it, forces you to deep-dive into the content and quickly build up your knowledge,” he says. At a time when it’s never been so crucial to stay at the forefront of industry evolution, he also expressed that SAP certification’s mandatory delta-content requires users to stay up-to-date on new developments, in turn demonstrating growth of individual and company expertise to customers.

Our team at SAP is dedicated to creating fulfilling learning experiences like Wijsbeek’s that enable employees to sharpen their skill sets easily and often. Hiring managers are facing current retention challenges that are greatly limiting business growth. With such immense technological advancement, strong talent is quickly snatched up, leaving skills gaps and overworked employees. For example, though most organizations have become multi-cloud, 86% of IT professionals believe a lack of these skills will slow down cloud projects.

At SAP Learning, we work to ensure organizations can easily reskill and upskill talent, providing employees with motivation and opportunities for career growth. To support companies with this task, and to meet individuals at every point of their learning journey, we’ve launched a new SAP Learning site to create a simple, one-stop shop of learning materials.

SAP Training Available to Learners of All Levels

SAP Learning can provide opportunities for all to upskill, reskill, and validate their SAP skills. For example, with our recent release of the SAP Learning site, we provide access to various free content for upskilling with SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), including a brand-new learning journey focused on how to develop low-code/no-code applications. This helps ensure that learners of all levels, ranging from aspiring developers to those already in development roles, can easily gain SAP skills in core innovation areas and prepare for an SAP certification at no cost.

As organizations work to support an innovative labor force, SAP works to provide the resources for employees of all levels to upskill and increase the overall competitiveness of their business. The provision of SAP trainings and certification in an organization has become an essential component to achieving strategic goals.

SAP Learning solutions help validate users’ SAP abilities and experience and allow lifelong learners such as Wijsbeek to remain on top of evolving industry developments and continually showcase themselves and their organization as an innovative leader. “The way training programs have evolved over the years makes it very easy to find the needed materials, particularly for keeping your certifications up-to-date through the delta-content,” says Wijsbeek.

As SAP Learning continues to evolve with the needs of learners everywhere, I’m more energized than ever by our devoted team as we kick off another year of supporting individuals in their journeys to advance their skills and career without barrier.

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Jan Meyer is head of Learning Systems for SAP Learning.

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