SAP remains committed to supporting Ukraine.

We continue to believe that coordinated inter-governmental sanctions offer the best way to end the war in Ukraine, and we have implemented them without exception. In line with our responsibilities as an employer and provider of business-critical software, we have also gone beyond sanctions. For example, we halted sales in Russia and Belarus and are in the process of shutting down all cloud operations in Russia.

Today we are announcing further steps toward an orderly exit from our operations in Russia, where we have operated for more than 30 years and have built an excellent team. As we wind down our operations, we will focus on responsibly managing the impact on these employees.

Cloud Services 

The data in data centers belongs to customers, not to SAP. As part of our cloud shutdown, we have therefore given non-sanctioned companies in Russia the choice to have their data deleted, sent to them, or migrated to a data center outside of Russia. For those Russian companies who choose the migration path, we will not renew their contract upon expiration of the current subscription term.

On-Premise Products

We’re also announcing our intent to exit the support and maintenance of our on-premise products in Russia. We are evaluating multiple options to execute this decision, each of which will ensure we continue to honor our obligations to non-sanctioned customers. It is also important to note that regardless of any SAP decision, existing customers in Russia using on-premise software will still be able to use their products.

Humanitarian Aid

Meanwhile our support for the people of Ukraine continues. We recently announced an additional contribution of €700,000 to support refugees in the region, bringing our total contribution to €3.7 million so far. Additionally, SAP software contributions are supporting relief efforts. We recently donated SAP Ariba solutions to an NGO working with the State Enterprise Medical Procurement of Ukraine, which will allow the speedy purchasing of medical goods for the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine. We also enabled suppliers on SAP Business Network to declare their readiness to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Some 2,500 companies have already taken this opportunity and offered their assistance through the platform.

Our hearts and hopes are with the people of Ukraine. More than anything, we want this war to end. Until then, SAP will continue to help those affected and encourage the restoration of peace.