SAP Updates Pricing Structure of SAP Store to Make It Easier for Partners to Build and Commercialize Solutions for SAP Customers


Working with our partners, customers can seamlessly expand core SAP solutions to deliver impactful business outcomes. SAP partners are essential in delivering the solutions that support our customers in adapting, inventing, and bringing new ideas to market.

Removing Barriers

SAP is working to make it easier for all software companies to work closely with SAP. To achieve this, we have created a scalable benefit model and allow partners to choose where they fall on this scale — while keeping revenue share (between SAP and providers) consistent across the scale. In addition, we eliminated store-specific transaction fees for partners participating on SAP Store, down from 15%.

A simplified revenue-sharing model within the SAP PartnerEdge, Build, program spans three tiers*, as follows:

  • Content Tier: Revenue share has been reduced from 15% to zero, giving partners the option of publishing solutions for free on SAP Store.
  • Integration Tier: Revenue share has been reduced from 20% to 15%, which includes access to SAP Integration Suite, basic edition, as well as the ability to publish solutions and complete transactions on SAP Store.
  • Platform Tier: Revenue share remains at 25%. This tier includes all SAP Business Technology Platform services on SAP PartnerEdge, as well as the ability to publish solutions and complete transactions on SAP Store.
  • SAP Store: Store-specific transaction fees have been eliminated for partners.

We are excited to launch this updated pricing structure, as we expect most vendors to benefit greatly from free access to our content model platform, allowing complimentary access to SAP Store. These changes will make it as easy as possible for all partners to make the most of the cloud-based software that we offer.

Growth of SAP Store

Due to our strong partner ecosystem, we have seen immense success and growth of SAP Store. Year-over-year, SAP Store has experienced 163% growth. In the past two years, the number of orders of partner solutions has multiplied sixfold. Additionally, it enabled over a third of SAP partners to expand their reach outside of their base country.

Now more than ever, we recognize that the future of SAP is ecosystem-led. To help ensure we are providing partners with opportunities for increased visibility, SAP Store provides multiple performance recognition levels with increased benefits based on activity around partner solutions, meaning partners can attain and be recognized through strong performance. The details of this can be found as part of the SAP Store Partner Benefits Guide.

New Offerings in the Partner Ecosystem

As customers lean on SAP to thrive, we continue to evolve with new models and offerings to support the continued agility and success of our partners and customers.

For the latest in the partner ecosystem, take advantage of SAP Academy, a world-class training program that develops the next-generation workforce by delivering an energizing and inspiring experience within a globally diverse environment. For 2022, the dynamic nine-month program builds a foundation for a successful career at SAP.

SAP is also enhancing SAP PartnerEdge, Build, to include grants for SAP technology, enabling partners to build and integrate to SAP solutions.

Tom Roberts is senior vice president of Software Partner Solutions at SAP.

*Content Tier:
A: Content packages are static files, templates, configurations, and data that add value to an SAP solution already deployed.
B: BYOL is a partner solution that is built on SAP BTP where the partner ships only its own intellectual property (IP) to customers.
Integration Tier: Any solution that dynamically communicates in either direction, swaps data, or is embedded into an SAP solution.
Platform Tier: Built on SAP BTP, where the partner includes SAP licenses as part of an overall bundled solution.