SAP Data and Analytics Solutions Earn Multiple 2022 Top Rated and Best of Awards from TrustRadius


We are pleased to announce that SAP data and analytics solutions have been recognized by TrustRadius with multiple wins in both the Top Rated and Best of Award categories.

As a leading independent research and review platform, TrustRadius recognizes top software solutions based on user feedback. Decision makers across industries turn to TrustRadius’ 415,000 reviews to find unbiased perspectives from real customers when searching for the right software for their needs.

“In the age of the self-serve buyer, software buyers rely heavily on third-party sources,” said TrustRadius CEO Vinay Bhagat. “That’s why third-party reviews and awards from a trusted source like TrustRadius are so important.”

Our data and analytics solutions maximize the value of SAP data by uniquely utilizing its complete business context and meaning for the most impactful decisions. We view these awards as a testament to our mission to help organizations transform their data strategy and give data purpose. We’re honored to be recognized by TrustRadius, and by our customers.

SAP data and analytics solutions include SAP HANA Cloud, a single database foundation for modern applications and analytics, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, a semantic service for unifying all data, and SAP Analytics Cloud, which brings planning and analytics together to make decisions without doubt.

Top Rated Award Wins

Within the TrustRadius platform, reviewers rate products based on usability, support, return on investment, and likelihood of recommendation. The Top Rated Awards recognize solutions with the highest customer satisfaction scores. TrustRadius evaluates candidates for these awards based on recency, ratings, and relevancy. To win, products must have earned recent reviews, a high percentage of positive ratings, and considerable site traffic.

We’re thrilled to have earned multiple 2022 Top Rated Awards:

  • SAP Analytics Cloud won in the following categories: Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management, and Predictive Analytics
  • SAP Data Intelligence won in the following categories: Data Catalog, Data Fabric, and Data Integration
  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud won in the category Cloud Data Warehouse
  • SAP HANA Cloud won in the following categories: Database-as-a-Service, Data Virtualization, Embedded Database, In-Memory Databases, and Relational Databases
  • SAP Master Data Governance won in the following categories: Data Governance and Master Data Management

Best of Award Wins

The TrustRadius Best of Awards recognize software with the Best Feature Set, Best Relationship, and Best Value, according to reviewer insights. These awards highlight the features that buyers care about most and the products that excel in these areas. In order to win, products must have at least 10 recent ratings and be ranked in the top three positions of their category in terms of the percentage of positive reviews.

“B2B relationships built on trust lead to better outcomes for both tech buyers and vendors,” said Megan Headley, vice president of Research at TrustRadius. “So we’re highlighting software vendors who do the best job of delivering on promises and expectations set during the sales cycle. The Best of Awards help buyers identify products with stand-out features, transparent pricing, and the best implementation and support experience.”

SAP data and analytics solutions were recognized with multiple 2022 Summer Best of Awards:

  • SAP Analytics Cloud won Best Value in the Corporate Performance Management category
  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud won Best Feature Set, Best Relationship, and Best Value in the Cloud Data Warehouse category
  • SAP HANA Cloud won Best Feature Set, Best Relationship, and Best Value in the Relational Databases category

For more information about recent reviews, product details, and comparisons, visit the TrustRadius product pages for SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data Intelligence, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP HANA Cloud, and SAP Master Data Governance.

Transform Your Data Strategy with SAP Data and Analytics Solutions

SAP data and analytics solutions retain the full perspective of SAP data, up-to-date and authoritative while bringing other data into the context-rich environment of your existing business systems. Using SAP’s modern data stack, you can create intelligent data apps and collaborative plans seamlessly integrated with SAP business processes.

At SAP, we’re proud and humbled that our solutions have inspired such positive reviews in the user community. Thank you for supporting our work, and for sharing your feedback on the TrustRadius platform.

To learn more information and experience the software,
visit the SAP data and analytics solutions page on sap.com.

Daniel Yu is senior vice president of Solution Management and Product Marketing for SAP Data and Analytics.