Business Process Transformation Introduces a New Cloud Mindset to Growth Strategies


Continuous business change is often associated with transformation. Yet in most cases, each shift can feel more transactional, where an existing structure or workflow is improved but doesn’t directly connect to a lasting, meaningful outcome.

Unsurprisingly, this dynamic can be frustrating in functions where change hits the hardest – but not for obvious reasons such as resistance to change. Instead, employees need more flexibility and scalability to continuously help ensure regulatory compliance, better serve evolving customer needs, effectively drive efficiencies, and proactively address risks and opportunities.

The key to overcoming this hurdle is moving away from investing in antiquated on-premise systems. According to IDC, digital-first businesses invest in software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-enabled software because the enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications they need to stay competitive and drive innovation are relatively easy to implement, configure, and update.

Continuous Improvement Creates Opportunities

Many of the digital-first companies that IDC surveyed are SAP customers that rely on the RISE with SAP solution to become intelligent, sustainable enterprises in the cloud. The solution offers a cloud ERP system – SAP S/4HANA Cloud – for every business need. A combination of business process transformation capabilities, industry next practices, and extensibility options are offered on a versatile technology platform, as well as outcome-driven services and tools from SAP and partners.

To help prepare for the shift from an on-premise landscape to a cloud environment, RISE with SAP also includes an initial set of capabilities from SAP Signavio solutions. This business process transformation starter pack can help simplify the move by identifying and addressing previously unknown factors proactively with a process-centric strategy.

Using this, SAP customers can take the first step toward a productive journey to the cloud. They can quickly assess the health of their processes, identify areas for improvement, understand the impact of these inefficiencies, and leverage recommendations to take corrective action and unleash automation potential. Their organizations can then benefit from a fast and straightforward approach to redesign, simulate and standardize their business processes, and drive change in a collaborative way through a central platform.

Twinings Ovaltine is a prime example of how businesses can benefit from this cloud migration approach. From the very beginning, the British marketer of tea and other beverages refrained from letting technology guide its transformation journey. Strengthened by the expertise and support of technology partners, the company focused on a growth agenda centered around getting closer to customers and consumers to fully understand what they want and how to deliver on their expectations. This approach also incorporated leading practices based on the standard use of SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

“All our initiatives are about giving customers and consumers the ‘wow’ factor. This is our North Star whether we’re standardizing our infrastructure, automating numerous processes, creating a new data analytics platform, supporting self-service, or fulfilling our ambition for SAP S/4HANA Cloud,” explains Sandeep Seeripat, CIO of Twinings Ovaltine.

Twinings Ovaltine can openly follow this business transformation mindset when using SAP Signavio solutions, as part of its experience with RISE with SAP and work with Capgemini. The solutions enable the company to understand where it is in its journey, how data and technology drive change, and what is the best direction to move the business forward. Then, with experts from SAP and Capgemini, every update is delivered, integrated, and connected quickly, efficiently, and at the right price.

“With SAP Signavio solutions, we have the understanding and optimized business processes we need to drive differentiating business value and growth,” Seeripat adds. “In addition, we have a flexible upgrade path that helps us stay connected with suppliers and customers in new, innovative ways.”

Driving Innovation Sustainably and Intelligently

During business change, shocks of frustration, confusion, and disengagement can run throughout an organization’s environment – even when all the right internal resources are available to support it.

But business process transformation solutions from SAP can help make the transformation experience more sustainable and intelligent. By translating process performance analysis, actionable insights, and prioritization of optimization opportunities into a comprehensive strategy, business executives, organizational leaders, and strategists can continuously shape, adapt, and reimagine their cornerstone for business growth.

Ready to embark on your transformation journey paved with continuous improvement, optimized processes, and ongoing, accurate insight? Get started with RISE with SAP and business process transformation solutions from SAP.

Erik Scholze is a cloud ERP product marketing specialist at SAP.