When you’re learning something new, it’s usually easier to understand it in your mother tongue, even if you can speak a second – third, fourth, or even fifth – language fluently.

That’s why SAP Enable Now has extended to include the Document Translation service for SAP Translation Hub, allowing you to translate your in-application help and e-learning content at the click of a button.

What’s SAP Enable Now?

With SAP Enable Now, you can create, edit, and distribute in-application help and e-learning content to users. You can access help directly within the application you’re using, whether it’s an SAP or non-SAP solution. In-app help supports you as you move through the application. For example, it can help you to complete fields with information during an initial data input or get an understanding of the tasks you can perform within the solution. It can help you realize more functionality than you ever knew existed and get the most value out of your software solution.

What’s Document Translation?

Document Translation for SAP Translation Hub enables you to directly translate texts and documents using machine translation, without any additional linguistic resources or translation workflows. You submit the original document and receive the same document back in the language of your choice. The machine translation has been trained to perform at its best when translating documents that contain SAP-related content, and it is available in the languages supported by SAP Translation Hub. It can be used as a stand-alone service or via one of the existing integrations, such as the one available in SAP Enable Now.

The Combined Power of SAP Enable Now and Document Translation

The new capabilities are a game-changer for those looking to go global with their business, allowing customers to expedite their content distribution without any manual effort and with minimal effort from the technology side. All users can now also translate tutorials and e-learning content on their own. As well as creating in-application help, you can also customize the standard SAP Enable Now content for your users in many cloud solutions from SAP.

And the best part is, if you’re already an SAP Enable Now, cloud edition customer, you get this service included in your current subscription and it will work out-of-the-box.

Sindhu Gangadharan, SVP & MD of SAP Labs India and head of SAP User Enablement, said, “SAP Enable Now provides customers with the ability to create content in their own language as well as easily translate it for international audiences. We are thrilled to be able to offer this service so that customers can quickly and seamlessly expand their reach into new markets.” SAP Enable Now and Document Translation are part of SAP User Enablement, led by Gangadharan.

The integration of SAP’s on-screen translation capabilities also helps reduce the risk of errors and omissions in the global rollout of customer enablement content. Customers can now be confident that their content is accurately translated for a wide range of locales.

Existing and new SAP Enable Now, cloud edition customers can now access the machine translation functionality. The launch of these capabilities marks a major step forward in the global reach of SAP customers. With these innovations, you can now feel secure that your enablement content can be smoothly and independently translated for global audiences. Check it out and help your teams to learn in their language of choice without additional effort from project and authoring teams.

Kristina Kunad is global solution owner for SAP Enable Now.
Ana Medina is product manager for SAP Translation Hub.
Fiona Murphy is product manager for SAP Translation Hub.
Kerstin Bier is solution owner for SAP Translation Hub.