Today, 93% of companies are modernizing their technology, with 83% of them doing so in the cloud. However, analysis shows that only 6% of businesses are on track to achieve most or all of their tech modernization goals.

Utilized effectively, cloud technology can be a critical enabler of organizational growth, speed, and innovation. So, what are the successful few doing differently to realize those benefits? They are empowering leaders who think strategically, mitigate risks, and seize opportunities to radically transform ways of working.

That’s why SAP and Bain & Company are collaborating to help executives maximize the impact of cloud-enabled ERP transformation. By bringing together solutions like RISE with SAP and Bain’s business-led transformation expertise, the partnership aims to enable clients to reach their business goals faster and achieve their full ERP potential.

How SAP and Bain Help Clients Achieve Full ERP Potential

SAP and Bain have honed a strategic framework to drive the successful delivery of cloud-enabled ERP transformation. This framework is built on the following key pillars:

Create a Strategic Technology Vision

Bain’s long history of guiding digital modernization aligns well with SAP’s industry-leading background in technology innovation. Jointly, Bain and SAP will work with business leaders to help them set the right transformation vision and integrate the optimal technology and processes to achieve their business goals.

Future-Proof the Journey

RISE with SAP provides cloud ERP for business needs, transformation services, business analytics, and solutions from the SAP partner ecosystem. Bain’s proven “value-creation” methodology – focused on standardized processes and a clean core – paves the way for technology that can evolve with an enterprise over time.

Orchestrate Adoption

Significant transformations demand significant investment in program and change management. Together, Bain and SAP will help clients orchestrate adoption, establish effective change management, innovate solutions, scale rapidly, and provide the skills clients need to sustain success.

Putting Business Leaders at the Center of the Modernization Journey

Bain was founded 50 years ago on the principle of delivering results for clients above all else – clients who today make up 63% of the Global 500 and PE funds representing 75% of global equity capital.

In today’s world, where enterprises must change more quickly and more fundamentally than ever before, Bain’s Enterprise Technology Practice of experts understands how corporate strategy both guides and is influenced by technology. No matter the starting point, Bain’s global team of technology experts and strategists helps clients determine the technology capabilities, systems, and business transformation needed to succeed.

“ERP projects are at the heart of enterprise transformation initiatives, touching critical assets, and active C-suite engagement is vital to maximizing value,” said Scott Russell, member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, Customer Success. “Bain’s proven experience working with leadership teams will help us guide customers to greater, long-lasting results every single day.”

Bain’s Own Successful SAP Transformation Journey

For decades, Bain has helped its clients design and deliver mission-critical technology transformations. But it also knows how to walk the walk.

Working closely with SAP and selected ecosystem partners, Bain recently delivered its own mission-critical transformation using SAP S/4HANA Cloud across 47 countries. Using its proprietary approach to value acceleration, Bain has used this transformation to fundamentally change how it operates and is already reaping the benefits from standardized and automated finance processes, faster data availability, and superior real-time tracking of business performance. Bain has also used the transformation to upskill internal users and ensure they fully master the new system’s functionality.

“Our experience migrating to SAP S/4HANA Cloud has really emphasized the power of combining our strengths with SAP,” said Eric Garton, senior partner at Bain. “We understand the value at stake when modernizing a large system like an ERP. We know this represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to change the way business is done – and to set the stage for the next phase of growth. More so, the strategic framework we developed and tailored to SAP solutions based on client work has been invaluable. We look forward to further scaling our framework to other leading enterprises that want to realize the full value of their modernization journey with SAP software.”

The partnership between SAP and Bain is poised to guide technology leaders into the future, as they work to amplify the impact of cloud-enabled ERP transformation projects. SAP’s software expertise combined with Bain’s track record in business advisory and strategic implementation is creating ample opportunity for success, innovation, and growth, no matter how needs evolve.

Karl Fahrbach is chief partner officer at SAP.
Florian Braun is partner for Information Technology Practice at Bain.