­Earlier this year, SAP launched GROW with SAP, an offering that gives midmarket organizations a suite of tools tailored to their unique needs and growth opportunities. With its comprehensive range of features across all facets of business, the solution is changing the way midmarket organizations operate, making it simpler for them to use technology to create sustainable growth and enhanced competitiveness.

I was recently given the opportunity to answer some challenging questions about the public cloud from a child, a customer, and an analyst expert in the space. Thankfully, because GROW with SAP is both simple and robust, it’s possible to explain it both in terms that a seven-year-old can understand and that will excite even the most demanding customer or analyst.

A few donut and unicorn analogies later, we established GROW with SAP to be a tool that will be a growth catalyst for many midmarket organizations on their cloud journeys. But don’t take my word for it, you be the judge.

GROW with SAP Explained in 3 Levels of Difficulty

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GROW with SAP Explained in 3 Levels of Difficulty

Rapid Deployment and Cost Efficiency Accelerates Growth

Simply put, GROW with SAP offers midsize organizations a rapid-deployment model that helps them implement and recognize value from their investments much quicker than expected. In my conversation with the most challenging stakeholder — the seven-year-old, of course — I used a tree house analogy.

Her parents could work with an architect to design a top-of-the-line tree house, fully customized with everything she desires. They could buy all the materials and have a contractor oversee the project. After many months, they would have a beautiful tree house unlike any other in the neighborhood. They’d also have a steep price tag. Or, they could purchase a tree house kit that includes a basic design, the necessary materials, and clear instructions that anyone could follow. Her parents could invest a bit more budget to make minor tweaks, but could largely rely on the kit for the project. The second approach is much faster and less expensive, while still taking advantage of best practices in tree house construction.

GROW with SAP is like that tree house kit: it eliminates the lengthy and costly implementation processes typically associated with business transformation projects. As a cloud-based solution, it also reduces the need for extensive IT infrastructure and maintenance costs. Midmarket organizations can access SAP technology, receive regular updates, and scale their operations without significant capital investments.

With its accelerated deployment and cost efficiency, GROW with SAP lets midmarket organizations focus on growth and innovation while minimizing financial burdens.

Scalability and Flexibility Is the Path to Success

One of the key strengths of GROW with SAP is its ability to address the growth challenges faced by midmarket organizations. This was a topic that I was challenged on by Adam Wasylyshyn, CIO of Insulet, an innovative medical device company improving the lives of people with diabetes and other conditions through its Omnipod delivery system. Insulet is an SAP cloud customer that was formerly in this midmarket space before its rapid growth. He asked me bluntly: why is making the move to SAP right for midmarket organizations?

The answer is scalability and flexibility. What we see time and again is that as midsize companies expand their operations and seize new opportunities, they often encounter unforeseen operational complexities that hinder their progress. Moving to the cloud, and specifically GROW with SAP, provides a robust, scalable, and flexible platform that accommodates growth, whether through expansion, acquisitions, or diversification of product lines. This scalability gives midmarket organizations a competitive edge by allowing them to adapt swiftly to market demands while maintaining operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Business Management Right Out of the Box

GROW with SAP is specifically designed to address the challenges many midmarket organizations face when managing the different facets of a growing business. It combines a comprehensive suite of integrated modules covering critical functions like finance, sales, marketing, procurement, and HR into a single platform. These modules, based on industry best practices, give midsize enterprises access to powerful tools to streamline operations, eliminate data silos, and get the holistic view of their business that many organizations struggle with.

Most importantly, it gives these organizations agility, predictability, speed, and the ability to scale. This is something I spoke at length about with Bob Evans, founder of Cloud Wars, co-founder of the Acceleration Economy, and a top analyst in our field. This eyes-wide-open approach empowers decision-makers with real-time insights, allows them to efficiently allocate resources, and fosters collaboration across departments. As a result, midmarket organizations can make informed decisions, drive productivity, and better deliver on their business goals.

I’m excited about GROW with SAP because I truly believe it is a game-changer for midmarket organizations, offering the tools they need to unlock their true growth potential and compete on an equal footing with larger enterprises. As midmarket businesses continue to seek sustainable growth and a competitive advantage, GROW with SAP stands as a transformative solution that propels organizations toward success in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Lloyd Adams is president of SAP North America.