Phoenix Global, a world leader in metals and mining services, is dedicated to maximizing value for customers through technological innovation, environmental stewardship, and an unwavering commitment to safety.

As a provider of steel mill services to steel manufacturers worldwide, the company has been looking to revolutionize its operational processes, ensuring both efficiency and sustainability going forward. To achieve this vision, Phoenix Global chose to strategically align with SAP, a renowned pioneer in enterprise software solutions.

Choosing GROW with SAP for Digital Transformation

In its pursuit of accelerating transformation and further enhancing its overall operations, Phoenix Global selected SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition. This gives the company a ready-to-use, out-of-the-box cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that can incorporate the latest industry best practices and ongoing innovation efforts.

Jeff Suellentrop, chief information and technology officer at Phoenix Global, explained the choice this way: “I’ve overseen many large-scale digital transformations, and the comprehensive nature of the SAP S/4HANA Cloud solution with pre-configured best practices enabled us to deploy everything much more swiftly, without having to gather a ton of requirements or map a bunch of things. It offered a new, better path forward.”

Meeting the Demands of a Rapidly Expanding Enterprise

Phoenix Global’s growth trajectory has been remarkable, solidifying its standing as a significant player in the metals and mining sector. Nevertheless, its rapid expansion necessitated a more streamlined and unified approach to overseeing global operations.

Get ready-to-run cloud ERP with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

The firm’s previous ERP system was fragmented, hampering both efficiency and visibility. To address these challenges, Phoenix Global initiated an extensive ERP selection process, scrutinizing various solutions available in the market. SAP, along with partner Illumiti, emerged as the obvious choice, owing to their extensive experience and well-developed best practice templates, especially those tailored specifically to the metals and mining industry.

“We opted for SAP because of its familiarity with our industry and the maturity of the best practice template for our sector,” said Suellentrop.

With SAP’s best practice templates, Phoenix Global can now employ a global approach that enables uniformity and efficiency in its operations. The out-of-the-box capabilities of SAP S/4HANA Cloud have strongly accelerated its journey to a unified, digitally integrated system.

Revolutionizing the Metals and Mining Services Sector

Phoenix Global’s objectives extend far beyond the implementation of an ERP system, however. It aspires to establish itself as a technology-driven leader within the metals and mining industry. Recognizing that the metals and mining industry is still in its initial phases of digital transformation, Phoenix Global sees an opportunity to reshape its service landscape and elevate the digital competency of the entire industry.

Its aim is to deliver near real-time insight into operations and present this as a value proposition to its clientele. By harnessing the potential of SAP solutions, Phoenix Global can bring transparency, efficiency, and an elevated level of safety into the metals and mining sector.

Synergistic Rewards

With the help of SAP, Phoenix Global is poised to usher in transformative changes in its industry. The benefits include:

  • Swift implementation: The pre-configured best practices of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition allow rapid deployment, helping to conserve both time and resources.
  • Industry knowledge: SAP’s extensive understanding of the metals and mining sector and mature best practice templates help make it the ideal ally for Phoenix Global’s digital transformation journey.
  • Global consistency: The SAP solution can provide a global reach, helping to establish uniformity and efficiency across Phoenix Global’s worldwide operations.
  • Leadership in digital transformation: Phoenix Global aims to spearhead the metals and mining industry into a new era of digital transformation, delivering value to both its operations and its customer base.

By utilizing GROW with SAP, Phoenix Global is establishing a new benchmark for the metals and mining sector, demonstrating the vast potential that can be unlocked through a comprehensive digital approach. As Phoenix Global continues to innovate and integrate, the metals and mining industry at large stands to gain from its leadership in operational excellence and digital transformation.

Mike Kaszuk is SVP & COO for Midmarket, Digital, and Partner Ecosystems North America at SAP.

Top image courtesy of Phoenix Global

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