At SAP, we strive every day to help organizations unleash the power of their business data. Last March, we announced SAP Datasphere along with our open data ecosystem to radically simplify data landscapes with a business data fabric.

It’s never been easier to connect, unify, and manage SAP and third-party data. That’s why industry leaders such as Porsche, Hanes, and Bosch are using SAP Datasphere to enable self-service access to trusted business data across any cloud infrastructure.

Today, our mission continues at our SAP Data Unleashed virtual event. We’re taking another step forward to enable organizations to bring out their best with data and AI. 

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by Irfan Khan, chief product officer and president for
SAP HANA Database & Analytics

Access Insights Wherever Your Data Resides

With many data landscapes distributed across different siloes in the cloud and on premises, organizations require an integrated approach that unifies their underlying data landscapes. This is made possible with SAP Datasphere, which enables a business data fabric architecture. By providing seamless and scalable access to all data without duplication, data and planning professionals can securely access all their data no matter where it resides.

In fact, organizations seeking to implement a business data fabric architecture can save up to 138% using SAP Datasphere compared to third-party implementations.

GigaOm Performance & TCO Analysis, Data Fabric Field Test: SAP Datasphere vs. DIY, March 2024

At SAP, we understand that a critical capability in the era of AI is to understand the real-world use of business data. With decades of experience helping organizations run mission-critical business processes, we see firsthand the power business data has in determining optimal business performance.  

To make this possible, we’re excited to announce the SAP Datasphere knowledge graph. This capability enables organizations to discover hidden insights and patterns across their applications and systems. And it empowers both technical and business users to deeply understand the relationships between data, metadata, and business processes, as well as boost the effectiveness of machine learning and large language models (LLMs).  

Transform Planning with a Business Data Fabric

SAP connects people and enterprise planning more powerfully than ever before. Now any organization can transform planning by unifying financial, operational, supply chain, and workforce planning through a business data fabric architecture.  

The new SAP Datasphere integration with SAP Analytics Cloud offers a single data management system and advanced analytics to power cross-organizational planning. Planners can leverage a single flexible model to break down silos between planning with one tool for data preparation, modeling, planning, and analytics and to conduct thorough analysis, understand the broader context, and make more informed decisions. 

Additionally, business users can use the new SAP Analytics Cloud compass to realize better outcomes in planning and analytics using Monte Carlo simulation. This enables organizations to run complex simulations via a chat interface to predict possible outcomes and find the optimal plan. 

Foster Trusted AI Across Your Business

We’re bringing the power of generative AI to planning and analytics with SAP Analytics Cloud, which provides AI-generated data exploration, automation of planning and data management tasks, and deep analysis with Joule copilot. This is enabled by vector capabilities in SAP HANA Cloud that combine the powerful capabilities of LLMs with all the relevant data of your organization — ensuring business context is a constant for generative AI outputs.

Incorporating generative AI across an organization is not possible without trusted and governed data. To provide customers with a solution to effectively manage data and AI policies, processes, and life cycles, we are excited to announce the expansion of our partnership with Collibra. Beyond the integration between SAP Datasphere and Collibra announced last year, we will now work together to integrate Collibra’s AI Governance platform with SAP data and analytics solutions. 

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JG Chirapurath is chief marketing and solutions officer for SAP BTP.

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