SAP plans to establish additional partner-driven locations for the SAP AppHaus Network in North America and is seeking SAP partners interested in applying to join the network and open a new location.

SAP AppHaus locations are customer-facing sites that represent the next step in SAP’s evolution of innovating with customers by putting the human experience first. The first SAP AppHaus was established in 2013. Today, the network is 23-strong across the globe, including three SAP-driven and 19 partner-driven locations.  

At the heart of SAP AppHaus Network is the belief that innovation requires a multidisciplinary team, a creative environment, and a human-centered approach to ensure innovation meets real-world needs. This human-centered approach combines design thinking and architecture thinking to make sure solutions are experientially desirable, technologically feasible, and financially viable. In short, the three success ingredients are people, process, and place.

SAP is continuously innovating for customers – and the future

“The award-winning human-centric approach to innovation that we and selected SAP partners apply in customer engagements creates significantly higher business outcomes,” states Birgit Fien-Schmalzbauer, global head of the SAP AppHaus Partner Network. “Involving end users, IT, and the business of the customer in a systematic way, for example, leads to higher user satisfaction and less training effort for newly introduced solutions. It supports customers in leveraging the opportunities brought about by the newest technologies, such as SAP Business AI, even in the short term.”

The next growth region for extending SAP AppHaus Network will be North America. The high demand for human-centric customer engagements led to the decision to further expand the reach of the current network representation in North America consisting of three locations:

“Customers in North America, like our customers in other regions, are looking for support to keep up with changing market environments and state-of-the-art technologies along their business transformation journey,” states Thorsten Leiduck, global head of SAP Business Technology Platform Ecosystem at SAP. “The services offered by partner members of SAP AppHaus Network provide our clients with the benefits of a human-centered innovation approach that leverages the power of SAP Business Technology Platform. Customers gain a significant competitive advantage by embracing a culture of innovation and improving their business processes through SAP technologies.”

“Our partners are qualified and trained in our innovation approach and can therefore enable customers to leverage SAP Business Technology Platform for their best benefit,” adds Carlos Estala Velasco, regional lead of SAP AppHaus Partner Network Americas, SAP. “I am looking forward to continuing to drive the Americas chapter of SAP AppHaus Network and expanding innovation opportunities for our regional customers.”

Interested partners are invited to apply. To do so, visit apphaus.sap.com/network and choose “Get in Contact” to request the submission template or more information. Submissions are open until April 30, 2024.

Svenja Mueller is program manager for SAP AppHaus Network.

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