“We are transforming our ability to grow and sustain returns to the industry for decades to come” – Chief Digital Officer, Zespri


Responsible for 30 per cent of global kiwifruit volume and sales in over 50 countries, Zespri is dedicated to delivering premium-quality fruit to consumers around the world. But as demand increases and supply networks become more diverse, Zespri needed a cloud-based solution agile and dynamic enough to maintain pace with its growth.

To ensure Zespri had the right technology supporting its people, processes and growers, Zespri partnered with SAP to guide it in building a new intelligent enterprise. The IT solution experts delivered SAP S/4HANA Cloud private edition, which would assist Zespri in standardising and automating functions to set a digital foundation for growth and innovation.

Accessible robust intelligence

Zespri’s new SAP environment provides a platform to transform the systems and processes across the business, from finance and supply chain to grower enablement and engagement, sales, and business planning.

Adopting SAP’s standardised core platforms has been transformational in itself, letting Zespri leverage SAP’s cloud roadmap to adopt innovation at speed.

Not only has Zespri’s transformation helped to reduce business risks by moving to standard systems; it will enable the organisation to collect and analyse more data, helping to plan supply chain more accurately and improve decision making around shipping and market allocation.

The intelligent capabilities of the platform mean Zespri will be able to automate processes, simplify various systems, and ensure a more convenient way of working for its staff and managers.

Data insights provide a more complete picture, giving Zespri the information it needs to anticipate, adapt, and respond to changes rapidly. Data also plays a critical role in facilitating automation, streamlining backend tasks that unnecessarily tie up resources and time better used on what Zespri does best.

With COVID-19 bringing ever-changing restrictions and market trends, it’s vital businesses can operate with speed and flexibility. SAP S/4HANA Cloud gives Zespri the reach and capabilities to mitigate risks with intelligence.

Unlocking next-generation efficiency and scale

Since implementing SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Zespri has been able to improve its operational resilience and agility. The robust architecture of the platform lets the organisation provide a range of delivery and deployment options to staff, industry, and customers.

The new system can integrate with the latest technologies such as IoT, machine learning, and predictive analytics. Having SAP as the digital foundation of Zespri offers the organisation access to innovative solutions, ongoing support, and complete scalability that suits Zespri’s business needs. Furthermore, SAP S/4HANA Cloud seamlessly integrates into the organisation’s way of working, making it a more intelligent and interconnected enterprise.

The new platform will be more economical to run compared to Zespri’s legacy system, with Zespri expecting productivity efficiencies once the platform is fully implemented.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud has helped the Zespri team reimagine how it delivers service. The intelligent platform simplifies the systems and processes Zespri’s people need to fulfill their everyday jobs, helping the business run better, faster, and smarter.


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