ChatGPT won’t take your job, but the person using ChatGPT almost certainly will. Execs from Kia, IAG, SAP, The Lumery, WPP and others, along with global martech experts like Scott Brinker and Liz Miller reveal the risks, opportunities, and roadblocks for the next great wave of transformation. In just the first five days after its release in November 2022, more than a million users logged onto the platform. It took Airbnb six years to meet that benchmark, Facebook one year, Spotify five months and Instagram two and a half months.

The innovation specialist: Dr Kim Oosthuizen, SAP on where ChatGPT fits into the AI mix

ChatGPT is just the latest and most notable of a set of generative IT tools and its fit in the spectrum on the market that can be applied to multiple media types. Dr Kim Oosthuizen, Innovation Principal, Customer Transformation Advisor at SAP unpacks where it sits in the spectrum.

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