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GIS-Event: Meet the Speaker – Stephan Albrecht

Meet the Speaker – Stephan Albrecht

On March 5th 2024, professionals from all over the Netherlands come together in the Provinciehuis Noord-Brabant for the GIS Event: Put SAP on the map! During this event, various speakers will share inspirational, but also tangible stories on the integration between SAP and GIS. One of those speakers is Stephan Albrecht, Chief Consultant with SAP.

Hi Stephan, can you briefly introduce yourself?

Of course. I’m Stephan Albrecht, Chief Consultant at SAP Germany, with over 25 years of experience in the field. Since 2010, I’ve been driving the geographical enablement of SAP, aiming to enhance the usability of SAP applications across various industries and process areas.

On March 5th, you are going to speak at the SAP GIS event. Can you give us a quick preview?

Certainly. During my presentation, I’ll delve into the compelling reasons behind the geo-enablement of SAP, particularly its significance for certain industries and business processes. I’ll showcase real-world use cases of the SAP Geo Framework in action through a live demo system and share examples from our customers. Additionally, I’ll touch upon the critical aspect of asset lifecycle definitions and how SAP ensures data consistency between a geo-enabled SAP ERP and an Esri Enterprise GIS.

What makes you so excited about the integration between SAP and GIS?

The integration between SAP and Esri GIS platforms is truly exhilarating due to the sheer power each platform brings to the table. By seamlessly incorporating the world of maps into SAP, we significantly enhance business processes within SAP, making them more efficient and user-friendly.

What is the added value of SAP and GIS integration for organizations?

The added value is substantial. Firstly, organizations benefit from re-using data and services from both platforms, leading to fewer interfaces and smoother operations. Secondly, this integration results in improved business processes and enhanced data quality, ultimately driving better decision-making and operational efficiency.

Why do you think people should not miss this event?

Attending this event provides a unique opportunity to hear directly from customers about their experiences and successes in combining SAP and GIS to transform their businesses. Learning from these real-world examples is invaluable for making informed decisions and implementing strategies that can drive similar positive outcomes.

Curious about Stephan’s presentation? Join us for the SAP GIS-event on March 5th. More information and registration can be found on this page.

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