Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – BABA’S, Malaysia’s leading curry powder and spice brand, is accelerating its digital transformation journey with SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) Suite, a cloud-based human resources management system (HRMS) focused on engagement and experiences. The company has implemented SAP SuccessFactors to streamline its HR processes and operations for around 2,000 employees.

Established in 1977, BABA’S has been the preferred choice for curry mixes and spice powders, capturing over 60% of the Malaysian market. The BABA’S range of products is a favourite of Malaysians and spice lovers across North America, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and most of Southeast Asia.

In 2021, BABA’S transitioned from a manual, paper-based process to a fully digital platform, implementing the SAP S/4HANA ERP system as its digital core to manage operations across Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei Darussalam, streamlining operations and enabling a significant efficiency shift.  

According to Ilaventhan Vijaya, Head of Finance at BABA’S, “Implementing SAP ERP solutions has brought about transformative results. We have witnessed tremendous improvements in efficiency, decision-making, and overall performance, thanks to SAP’s innovative solutions. SAP SuccessFactors will help BABA’S build a future-ready workforce to help propel the business further.”

In the past, BABA’s relied on manual processes and administration for recruitment and authorization of employee leave processes, involving multiple approvers and various departments for approvals, resulting in laborious and time-consuming procedures. This inefficiency deterred potential candidates from considering opportunities at BABA’s, causing unfilled vacancies and preventing the organisation from maximising its chances to attract top talent in the region.  The delay in leave approvals also created difficulties for employees, preventing them from taking planned vacations on time or, in some cases, taking leave even before receiving the necessary approvals.

After implementing SAP SuccessFactors, employee onboarding and leave applications and approvals are completed more efficiently. SAP SuccessFactors has allowed BABA’S employees across its countries of operations to apply for leave online, resulting in timely approvals and eliminating manual leave application forms and written approvals. Employee onboarding has also improved.

“With SAP SuccessFactors, we are now able to hire new candidates in countries like Singapore and Brunei, where we had initially faced onboarding delays,” said Ilaventhan.

Additionally, now that the payroll system has been integrated with SAP SuccessFactors, BABA’S has seen an increase in more accurate reporting, which has helped to reduce the amount of time employees spend on manual tasks and enable them to take on more strategic work. Meanwhile, with the Mobile Clocking App embedded in the solution, outstation employees can record their attendance from anywhere in Malaysia to get approval from their supervisors remotely and be automatically processed by SAP Payroll for disbursement.

“The reduction in manual recruitment and HR processes has improved productivity within our HR department, where we are now able to focus on more strategic performance,” added Ilaventhan.

Saqib Sabah, Managing Director SAP Malaysia said, “Through the seamless integration of SAP SuccessFactors, BABA’S is dedicated to elevating the overall employee experience and empowering their workforce with the essential skills and capabilities for a digital future. This strategic initiative not only bolsters BABA’s operational resilience but also nurtures a sustainable workforce, ensuring the company’s prosperity and making a significant contribution to the enduring success of the Malaysian digital economy.”

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