Nordic transformation trends for industries

How do specific verticals deal with their business transformations in the Nordic countries? When talking to our partners, customers and prospects, there is one mega-trend that definitely is on the rise: industry clouds. What we’ve been preparing companies for, is now on many a company’s tech agenda. Main business drivers: more unpredictable financial and market conditions and the quest for sustainable business.

Industry clouds are, technically speaking, a combination of infrastructure, platform and solutions for very specific industry requirements. Now, while vertical SaaS solutions have been around ever since cloud came into play, the biggest differentiator of cohesive industry clouds is their ability to adapt mega-fast to unforeseen situations. Moreover, they can more easily enter into collaboration with other verticals or even entire industry networks. This is especially important as many new business models and innovations tend to span across traditional industry boundaries. Think loading infrastructure for e-cars, which touches utilities, retail and manufacturing.

Many industry clouds focus on end-to-end customer journeys or supply chains in a specific vertical. Instead of only acting on present behaviors or situations, industry clouds can consider what lies ahead: how will customers engage in 5 years from now and what business capabilities do we need to succeed? Or how can we anticipate changes in supplies and gain more transparency across the entire product value chain to improve our climate impact?

Industry clouds are the exoskeletons of the future, as they bring all the necessary pieces and hold everything together to master agile business in verticals.

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by Helle Dochedahl, Managing Director SAP Nordic & Baltic