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Social Selling – Part 2: The Future of Sales?

The buzz: We’ve Got The Blues!                                                         Global WebIndex... Read more and listen »

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How Prime Meats Cuts Through Business Complexity

Summertime is BBQ time. From backyards to beaches, people everywhere are cooking outside to get that delicious open flame taste and have a great time. But if you really want... Read more »

Reading the Future of the Food Industry in Zhena’s Gypsy Tea

Often the greatest triumphs emerge out of tragedy. That was certainly the case when Zhena Muzyka discovered that her son Sage was born with a severe birth defect. Medical... Read more »

Data Security Breaches Part 4: Wise-Up to Real-Life Impacts

The buzz: Spelling bee. Cybersecurity breaches in the headlines continue to strike fear in the hearts of companies, governments and individuals worldwide. For... Read more and listen »

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Who is Feeding China’s Half a Billion Pigs?

There was a time when China’s population obtained most of its calories from carbohydrates like rice, wheat, and beans. But the country’s appetites are changing. With... Read more »

Can A Startup Ever Have Too Many Investors?

The investor landscape has changed dramatically since six years ago when a group of former Sun Microsystems colleagues and I formed Jambok, a social collaboration and... Read more »

Franklin Valve Shows How Small Business Tackles Rapid Growth

Growth is a great sign of success in business, especially for small businesses like Franklin Valve. Growth also comes with complexity: business processes become more... Read more »

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