We’ve come a long way from the traditional schooling of prior generations. For those who have grown up in the Information Age, where access to knowledge is widespread and technology has rapidly evolved, the way in which we desire to learn has changed quite dramatically.

With much of our day-to-day taking place across digital platforms, new tools and processes have been developed within the learning industry to cater to the changing needs of learners.

In the highly competitive IT services and support industry, implementing a great learning program for customers is an important determining factor of the success of the software implementation. Offering continuous learning is essential for customers. Constant software upgrades require a continual cycle of training and retraining to stay up to date.

Committed to Creating Happy Users

SAP customers expect us to keep them up to date with current advancements in SAP solutions in order to help ensure that they are confident in their expertise and knowledge of the latest technologies. Alongside selling tools and solutions to help customers with their digital transformations, SAP must continue to offer tailored training and learning that keeps customers one step ahead while also promoting user happiness.

The concept of creating “happy users” is not complex, yet is vital to the success of any business. SAP Learning Hub helps with that. It offers next-generation learning tools that empower learners to upskill and be more knowledgeable about SAP technologies, thus breeding greater self-confidence and self-efficacy to be even more proactive at work. The better our customers are enabled, the faster and more reliably their customers achieve maximum added value from SAP solutions.

Happy users ultimately perform better at work, deliver more for their customers, and help transform business. To put it simply: Happy users are as important as the software itself.

How Next-Gen Learning Creates Happy Users

When it comes to learning, different users prefer different learning options. Some want to learn in the physical classroom while others want to learn flexibly in a digital way. SAP Learning Hub provides more flexibility and agility for users to access content that is relevant to them — at any time — through next-gen learning. This sustainable learning journey allows employees to learn easily and individually from anywhere in the world. Personalized to the ways they learn best, it is organized around an individual’s progress and learning needs and is relevant to their level of knowledge and professional tasks. Users can learn independently, at their own pace, and have 24/7 access to interactive learning rooms and live training systems

While SAP Learning Hub helps to make SAP experts happy, there is also a new next-gen approach for SAP end users. The Web assistant service — for example, in SAP S/4HANA — is the new approach to help and assists users not only with explanations on fields or transactions, but also with guided tours or tutorials on the work-context the user is. This learning in the flow of work is more efficient than previous end-user enablement approaches. And the good thing is that all the learning content comes standard with the software. Customers even can enhance or change it with the SAP Enable Now solution.

Learning strategies and solutions can be leveraged to make everybody involved in SAP projects equally happy – from the project teams and IT administrators to key users and end users.

This access to continuous training and learning helps to build the basis for happy users and to ensure people at all levels create maximum value and deliver transformative business outcomes. Providing next-gen learning is the key to making everything run faster and more efficiently. It helps transform project lead managers, consultants, and SAP freelancers into the most proficient experts and keeps them on top of their game. The bottom line is that the better SAP experts and users are supported with the best possible training and learning opportunities, the happier they will be. And the more effectively they can do their jobs, the more future-proof a company becomes.

How Emerging Technologies Will Influence the Learning Experience

The integration of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will help drive the idea of personalization even further in learning and enablement.  This is already applied in SAP Learning Hub, where the “Ed-the-Bot” chatbot answers question, collects feedback, and gives recommendations.

With disruption happening in all aspects of the business, it is essential for organizations to stay focused on what matters most: making users happy and guiding them through their ever-evolving cycle of learning.