Some of the most successful SAP partners are growing their businesses with a strategy and culture of customer success that is supported by customer success business objectives, investments in post-sales customer engagement resources, and a pursuit of customer advocacy.

To shorten the learning curve for our partners, SAP is publishing a series to share best practices with the SAP partner ecosystem. We will hear from partners that are leaders in their approaches to customer success and hear from the Customer Success team at SAP

In these stories, learn how these partners define customer success, what drives the changes within their businesses, and how they measure impact.  In interviews, partner customer engagement executives (CEEs) will share firsthand how they execute their business’ customer success strategy.

Benefits of a Customer Success Mindset

Implementing such a strategy can lead to substantial business growth and valuation, reduction in the cost to acquire customers, reduced time to sale, and increased customer references.  This is supported by research from Bain & Company, which revealed and increase in customer retention by five percent can result in an increase in profits between 25 and 95 percent.  Our interviews with SAP partners will demonstrate similar real-world results of adopting a customer success model.

Where to Start

Learn how some SAP partners came to realize the need to differentiate their businesses through exceptional experiences and strategies that ensure customer success. The first in the series will showcase customer success strategies at VistaVu Solutions, a North American SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign partner, and how its CEEs put accounts on the path to success.

These inspiring stories and firsthand accounts of growing recurring revenue and business growth can provide the insights needed to begin to devise a customer success strategy of your own.