Virtual SAP Ariba Live 2020: Immediate Business Results for Intelligent Spend Professionals


By now you’ve heard the news that SAP has transformed the world’s premier spend management conference, SAP Ariba Live 2020, into a virtual event, for the well-being of everyone involved.

Now scheduled to be streamed on demand March 18, the event will unite business leaders, as well as procurement and supply chain professionals, for an unforgettable online learning experience, including how SAP Ariba is helping buyers and suppliers manage risk during the coronavirus situation.

Intelligent Spend for Challenging Times

Overall, attendees will discover how procurement, supply chain, and external workforce management teams balance fast-changing risks with responsiveness and responsibility, driving better business outcomes through intelligent spend management. The virtual agenda is packed with high-energy keynotes, insightful breakout sessions, product demonstrations, and more — all designed to help participants navigate an increasingly complex and volatile geopolitical world with intelligent spend management. Indeed, the content could not be more relevant in our increasingly unpredictable business environment.

“Today’s spend management leaders foster growth and innovation in their organizations while also safeguarding from external global risks in an increasingly complex and uncertain business environment,” Chris Haydon, president of SAP Procurement Solutions, said. “During the SAP Ariba Live virtual experience, we’re bringing together market leaders who will discover how to challenge norms, rethink processes, and redefine their role to achieve quantifiable business results.”

Watch Inspirational Keynotes

The online agenda begins with a marquee of keynote speakers designed to spark ideas and spotlight outside-in perspectives, featuring the following.

  • Haydon will detail the company’s intelligent spend management vision, and how reimagining the procurement process and experience fundamentally reshapes trading partner relationships, unlocking the power of community intelligence. Haydon’s special guest will be a global customer who will share their company’s successful journey running the full suite of intelligent spend solutions with SAP Ariba, SAP Fieldglass, SAP Concur, and SAP S/4HANA.
  • Ian Bremmer, political scientist and president and founder of Eurasia Group and GZERO Media, will talk about the growing influence of today’s highly complex and volatile geopolitical environment on modern business.

Real-World Examples from Customers

Customers will be front and center throughout the day-long event, sharing lessons learned and valuable, industry-specific guidance based on how their organization has generated business value from intelligent spend management solutions from SAP. Attendees will find out how these customers solved their biggest challenges to have a strategic impact on the business. Additionally, SAP executives and experts will share the latest updates on groundbreaking spend management offerings — road maps and solution innovations — charting a clear path forward for customers and partners.

Gain Insights from the Best for Business Results

SAP Ariba Live virtual sessions on March 18 and on-demand recordings that follow will provide the opportunity to learn from customers, suppliers, partners, and thought leaders who live and breathe spend management every day. Attendees will gain immediate practical insights, including how to:

  • Anticipate risks and quickly adjust supply chain strategies to head off major problems such as extreme weather, pandemics, and more
  • Build win-win collaborative relationships with suppliers
  • Boost return on investment (ROI) and reduce risk by actively managing compliance, security, and quality of work
  • Take full advantage of business opportunities on Ariba Network
  • Actively manage the growing external workforce for improved business outcomes

Timely Response to Supply Chain Disruption

Moving SAP Ariba Live to a virtual event is only part of the steps SAP is taking to help people during these uncertain times. I reached out to Haydon for his take on the company’s decision to open access to SAP Ariba Discovery, allowing buyers with sourcing needs worldwide to reach any of the 4 million suppliers on Ariba Network with no posting or response fees through June 30, 2020.

“With the world’s largest business network, SAP has a responsibility to help maintain reliable and transparent supply chains to help ensure critical supplies reach the people and places where they are needed most,” Haydon said. “SAP Ariba Discovery addresses a direct and timely supply challenge presented by coronavirus, helping buyers find suppliers to fulfill their immediate sourcing needs.”

The virtual SAP Ariba Live event will include a session, “Future Proof Your Supply Chain Against Disruptions with Ariba Network,” on how buyers can use Ariba Network to identify supply chain risk and source alternative suppliers using SAP Ariba Discovery.

While virtual SAP Ariba Live will be different from the originally planned in-person event, the online platform will deliver an amazing and safe experience for spend management professionals to connect with market leaders and discover how to realize their company’s growth potential now and for the future.

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