SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council Lays the Foundation for a New Decade of Inspired Customer Success


The lessons learned from the past decade reflects a world of turbocharged transformation. Unimaginable risks are emerging. Inspired use cases and technologies are becoming a part of everyday life. Even disruption seems less disruptive now that people and organizations are beginning to anticipate it and use it to their advantage.

SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council has enjoyed a front-seat view of every twist and turn in this digital continuum that seems to travel faster than the speed of light. Yet 2019 felt a little different. The pace continued to accelerate and technologies continued to evolve with greater intelligence. But for SAP customers, 2019 became a launchpad of inspired innovation, laying the foundation for their success in 2020 and beyond.

Last year, 365 customers touched by 195 engagements across 157 companies chose to work and innovate with the advisory council, free of charge. Their outcomes were nothing less than impressive. Creating over 25 new workstreams and developing at least 90 assets, this global network is influencing the future design of SAP Enterprise Support offerings based on real-life requirements and early adoption of cutting-edge enablement tools and services.

Throughout 2019, SAP documented 25 particularly interesting customer successes. Below, is a small glimpse into what some of our members of the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council achieved.

At Fairfax County Water Authority, Expert Training and Support Help Uphold Customer Trust

With a proud history as a respected industry leader, Fairfax County Water Authority is known for safe, delicious water, and relies on analytics for insight into its business performance.

However, maintaining that reputation proved more challenging as batch jobs delayed the generation of real-time operational and customer reports.

With the expertise of SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council, Fairfax County Water Authority explored the potential of SAP S/4HANA embedded analytics and prepared its change management strategy. Access to a portfolio of live demo sessions, predefined learning assets, and outcome-driven use cases to become familiar with available reporting options. Best practices and outcome-driven technical consulting helped demystify the business and technology prerequisites needed to gain full advantage of the new solution investment.

As a result of this engagement, the company gained the real-time predictive insights it needed to make better decisions faster. More importantly, Fairfax Water customers can trust that the service is reliable and the water flowing in their homes is exceptional in quality.

Indelpro Maximizes Cloud Technology to Better Support Customer Demands 

Already using cloud solutions to enhance customer relationships and experiences, Indelpro wanted to get even more out of its IT investment. But the only producer of polypropylene resins in Mexico first needed expert guidance to understand the opportunities for extending its cloud solution capabilities.

A series of four weekly empowerment sessions, provided by SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council, helped kick off Indelpro’s initiative by getting the entire business on the same page. Then, through technical enablement workshops, hands-on experience with services, creation of a clear road map, the company defined how it realizes the promise of SAP C/4HANA solutions in a manner scaled to meet its current business needs and flexible enough to address future requirements.

By optimizing the use of SAP C/4HANA solutions with the assistance of the advisory council, Indelpro is ready to support client demand and provide improved customer experiences. The company’s efforts are paying off as it kick-starts a future of intelligent enterprise transformation.

Casa Luker Guides 110-Year-Old Company Toward the Cloud

Steeped in more than a century of tradition, Colombian company Casa Luker wanted to become a more modern, more intelligent enterprise. The high-quality food provider for national and international markets saw cloud technology as an essential step toward improving business processes and creating a better experience for consumers in today’s dynamic economy.

With expert guidance from SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council, Casa Luker has developed the tools to create a bold future that continues to fill homes around the world with aroma and flavor. The company saved more than 40 hours of consulting while empowering its team to develop cloud-based solutions based on SAP Cloud Platform.

These benefits were made possible through temporary access to a training environment at no cost and support for the development and testing of a proof of concept. Then, functional tests were completed to prove the cloud platform’s reliability when approving requisitions and purchase orders. SAP also engaged cloud implementation training with exercises on the SAP Cloud Platform Discovery Center portal and helped plan and budget for future development of the cloud environment.

Fueling a New Era of Success with Proven Expertise and Innovation

Watching how customers like Fairfax Water advance their business through digitalization provides a promising glimpse into the opportunities the next decade will likely offer.

As SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council grows, the community of customers and SAP experts will continue to reveal the full promise of the 2020s by incubating ideas and developing new solutions and innovations. Better yet, with such a high level of collaboration, we’ll discover new ways to make work simpler, customer experiences more engaging, and business processes more productive.

To learn more about SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council, visit the portal page or contact esac@sap.com.

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Yasir Noman is global head SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council at SAP SE.