Between the chaos of today’s supply chains and the uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring, it is no wonder that most business leaders are not sure what to do next. But at a time like this, SAP Preferred Success can be found at the front lines with customers, helping them leverage the capabilities of their cloud solutions from SAP and stay confident through the uncertainty.

Even in the ever-changing, fast-paced age of technology, our world typically has some time to adjust to change. From reimagined customer experiences to the adoption of innovative technologies and new mindsets, people are given some time to absorb the potential opportunities, risks, and shifts before choosing their unique paths forward.

Unfortunately, this natural order of change is currently being disrupted. It seems that every aspect of running a business is shifting at a pace that is nearly impossible to keep up with. However, with access to prescriptive guidance and a customer success manager to advocate for them, companies can get back up, navigate the disruption, and plan for their future.

Finding a Path to the Next Normal

When facing disruption, business leaders often demand three things: visibility, focus, and agility. These capabilities work hand-in-hand – turning data into insight, simulating potential options, and powering the speed and effective execution necessary to resolve issues, mitigate risks, and take on opportunities as quickly as the marketplace evolves.

The SAP Preferred Success plan enables businesses to achieve the highest level of innovation. Customers can make well-informed decisions, helping them become intelligent enterprises that are always prepared for the new realities of “business as usual” – no matter how quickly they must adjust.

As economic variables shift, SAP Preferred Success helps organizations adjust their processes and digital strategies by providing prescriptive guidance for their unique frameworks and business objectives. Additionally, customers can measure resultant outcomes to help ensure they are successfully navigating key performance indicators (KPIs) and major milestones to meet their performance goals.

Energizing Innovation in Times of Intense Disruption

SAP understands that outcome-based delivery and business agility are of the utmost importance. Customers are facing tremendous pressure to adapt to changes in global and national economies. This requires continuous alignment between business and technology. Customers must quickly implement turnkey capabilities to fit their business models in order to optimize business processes and gain an advantage over competitors.

SAP Preferred Success maximizes the value of cloud solutions from SAP so that customers can achieve specific business outcomes for their organizations and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. SAP works diligently to understand its customers’ major business objectives and map out success plans that align resources with their major milestones, KPIs, and releases.

Customers also benefit from real-time measurements of their cloud adoption and consumption rates, evaluation of potential improvements, and expert-guided recommendations that address mission-critical business issues and drive innovation. The tools and technologies that provide this level of support provided through the service include:

Usage analyzer: Assessing the use of cloud solutions from SAP provides insights into the current adoption of process scenarios, scope, and user behavior trends. This assessment becomes the basis for prescriptive recommendations for future adoption. For example, current solution usage could indicate a case for new targeted capabilities such as financial analytics.

Key feature analysis: A real-time feature adoption tracker enables customers to review every technology featured to understand business impacts and benefits; explore recommendations that align directly with their core business goals, objectives, and processes; and determine what they should adopt and consume in the future.

Enhanced support model: Direct, real-time assistance in the solution allows users to discover new ways to get work done and optimize business processes. They can accelerate response times up to 50 percent for priority 2, 3, and 4 incidents through product support from SAP.

SAP Preferred Success also offers enhanced target service-level agreements – on top of insight-driven recommendations and exclusive learning resources – to help customers overcome and avoid technical bottlenecks that often get in the way of innovation. Doing so frees businesses to discover, develop, and deliver anything from a new business model or process to a revolutionary product or service.

More importantly, the service drives customers’ visions of their intelligent enterprise. It enables organizations to automate day-to-day business processes and improve interactions with their customers, suppliers, and employees. Such strategic moves are supported by the collection, connection, and orchestration of data and the use of that information to detect patterns, predict outcomes, and suggest actions.

Opening the Door to Honest, Outcome-Driven Value 

Considering how quickly our world can change, expert insights and attention to outcome-driven values are paramount. The processes, workflows, and connections that work well today could potentially become obsolete at a moment’s notice, so staying up-to-speed on the latest innovations and solution functionalities is key.

With SAP Preferred Success, customers can be empowered to ensure their cloud investments not only enhance IT architecture, but also support business goals and priorities – no matter what their next normal may be.

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Dipankar Banerjee is head of Global Sales Development and Go-to-Market for SAP Preferred Success.