Our world has been turned upside down, and it looks like we will all have to live with a new reality for some time to come. Yet, however much the current crisis has disrupted our private and working lives – and perhaps shifted our focus – we still need to prepare for life after COVID-19.

There are many questions: What direction should my professional qualification take? Will I have enough time to learn alongside my work? What alternatives to the familiar learning models are available to deal with the current travel restrictions? How will an SAP S/4HANA certification boost my value in the job market and how will I be able to train to become an SAP S/4HANA consultant in the future?

SAP S/4HANA is a hot topic in the world of SAP. More and more people are realizing that they will need to expand their skills in this area – and sooner rather than later.

The latest version of SAP Blended Learning Academy, a training program for certification as an SAP S/4HANA consultant, gives participants a flexible way to do this. After five successful years in the German market, the program is now available globally, in an even more compact form and at adjusted prices.

The SAP Blended Learning Academy is a guided, modular, while-you-work training program that lasts between three and five months. It combines virtual units from SAP Live Class moderated by SAP instructors with self-study using SAP Learning Hub, and culminates in SAP S/4HANA consultant certification. Learning by self-study, but never alone, is one of the strengths of this hybrid learning format. Regular interaction with experts and other participants is just as important as the self-learning units.

How Does SAP Blended Learning Academy Work?

Clear start and end times give this effective learning program a structure. The kickoff event, led by an SAP instructor, is when all participants start the program together.

During the initial self-study phase, participants complete the first part of the program using e-books and e-learning courses on SAP Learning Hub. Practical exercises are carried out using training systems in SAP Live Access, giving participants the chance to practice the theory they have learned. SAP Learning Rooms support social exchange throughout the entire learning process and enable collaboration with experts and other learners.

After the first half of the program is complete, participants’ new skills will be reinforced in a scheduled SAP Live Class session that offers a concise overview of what they have learned so far. The end of the program, after the second self-study phase, is marked by a closing event, which is also led by an instructor. At this event, participants review the contents of the second half of the program and can ask any final questions before taking the SAP consultant certification test. Participants then schedule the exam at a suitable date and time, as the certification in the cloud exams are taken with a remote proctor.

This optimized mix of virtual classroom training and self-study units makes for a balanced program that delivers fast, sustained learning progress. With its modular approach, learners who are already active subscribers of SAP Learning Hub can also sign up for supporting elements from SAP Live Class.

For those interested in financial accounting, management accounting, manufacturing, procurement, sales, or the integration of business processes in SAP S/4HANA, globally recognized SAP certifications will document SAP expertise in every selected solution on the market.

This training program offers maximum flexibility in terms of available modules, planning the self-learning units around your existing schedule, and location independence.

Philip Pursche, SAP Consultant at Fresenius Netcare GmbH, described his experience: “After my successful training as a certified financial accounting consultant through SAP Blended Learning Academy, it was clear that I would want to use this exact same model to learn other new areas as well. Now the new project has arrived and I’m already midway through the training program to become an procurement consultant. For me, the flexible, time-independent learning options offered by SAP Blended Learning Academy are the perfect way to get started with a new subject area while I continue doing my regular work.”

In these days of restricted travel, the focus of corporate education continues to shift to hybrid training methods. The program is resource-friendly too, because participants do not have to spend time or money traveling.

With the SAP Blended Learning Academy, you can enjoy all the benefits of the different learning methods and prepare flexibly for certification as an SAP S/4HANA consultant.

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